(Wally is wrapping Lionel's present)

Ashley: Now time for step 2 of Ashley's lesson on how to wrap a present. Roll out the paper and put the gift in the middle

(Wally try to open the wrapper but it keep sliding down and the phone rings)

Wally's Voicemail: Hi there! This is Wally! Can't answer the phone right now. So leaves a message after the tone. Thank you very much please

(Wally try to get the wrapper off his head and the phone beep)

Fana: Hi Wally, it's Fana, Don't forget about Lionel's birthday party tonight

Wally: Well, See you tonight if I could wrap the gift

(Wally pull the wrapper off hard)

Ashley: Now tape a small piece of tape

(Wally get the tape and take a lot)

Ashley: Now it's time to fold the piece of corner of your gift

(Wally fold the paper and tape it)

Wally: I think I missed a step

Ashley: And finally put the bow on top of your gift

(Wally put the bow on himself)

Wally: I certainly think so

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