Luna: Rainbow World Magazine will be fill in with pictures of bird, birds, and more bird and all we have is a picture of Lily with her inflatable diaper.

Lincoln: She would've moved out of the way if you told me we were taking a picture

Luna: So we'll be taking a picture of bird. Now where can they be?

Lincoln: Maybe if you didn't make so much noise

Luna: Why not? I was about to use my secret weapon. The pan flute

(Luna blows it)

Lincoln: I don't see any of those... (Gasped)

Luna: Hold that pose. It's a great shot. Say cheese

(Lincoln smile then birds poop on Lincoln)

Lincoln: EW!

Luna: One more. You weren't smiling

(Next, They're looking for the buffalos)

Luna: I promise a magazine a picture of the great buffalo

Lincoln: Really?

Luna: Yes. And I'm about to use my other secret weapon. The bagpipes

(Luna plays these)

Lincoln: I don't think this is working

(Then the buffalo come)

Lincoln: (Gasped)

Luna: Another great shot! Say cheese!

Lincoln: I can't

Luna: Why not

Lincoln: The buffalo sit on me

Luna: Oooh! That hurt

(Next the alligator picture)

Luna: Now we're looking for the great white alligator

Lincoln: Alligator? You didn't tell me we were looking for an alligator

Luna: It's our last picture. I'm going to use this flute

(Luna play it and the alligator come out)

Lincoln: Uh, Luna? Luna? LUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!

(The alligator eat Lincoln)

Luna: Well, little bro. I guess we won't be see any alligator today. Lincoln?

(The alligator spit out Lincoln)

Lincoln: (Screaming)

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