Molly: Hey David and Roger. Ready for my inflatable diaper tour over Rainbow World Falls? I promise this is a trip you'll never forget

David: That will be awesome!

Roger: That's exactly what I'm afraid of

(Later, Molly flew to the Rainbow World Falls)

David: Your brochure says we'll see Rainbow World Falls like we never seen it before

Molly: That's right David because we'll go through the fall

(Molly go through the fall)

Roger: (Screaming)

David: That was wonderful

(Roger spit the fish out)

Molly: Now let's check out the volcano!

Roger: AAAAH!!! No no no no no no no no no!

(Then Roger got near to the volcano)


(David take pictures)

David: Isn't lava wonderful

Molly: That's our tour! What do you say we head back

Roger: Great idea

Molly: Okay! HANG ON!

(Roger fall off)

David: Wow Roger! Aren't you glad we took this tour

Roger: (Screaming)

(Then Roger crash)

Roger: Ow

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