(Shaun is giving Lori a job)

Shaun: Remember Lori, it's your job to answer any questions hotel guests may have. If you don't know consult the hotel directory

Lori: Sound easy enough

Shaun: Most importantly it's your job to make our hotel guests feel happy and welcome. Like a great big tickle hug

Lori: Other people get their jobs seriously

Shaun: I'll let you do your job

(Lori got to work)

Felix: Hi Lori

Lori: Hello Felix

Felix: First day on the job?

Lori: Yes

Lisa: Elder sister, I hope that you have a menu so we can eat at this restaurant

Lori: What do I look like a phone book

Shaun: Remember, Lori. A great big tickle hug

(Felix and Lisa were reading the directory)

Lori: Hey, That's mine!

(Lori took the book from them)

Lori: All the valuable hotel information is in this book

Lisa: Well, We bid you farewell

(Then Molly came here with the balloon tank)

Molly: I'm looking for a place where I can fix the balloon tank

Lori: To inflate your diaper to make you fly? Don't you have a rocket boot?

Molly: I loaned them to Fana

(Fana zoomed in Outer Space)

Fana: (Screaming)

Molly: I really need this balloon tank fixed

Lori: Go ask Lana

Molly: I'll go do that. Thanks

Shaun: Now what did I tell you about great big tickle hug

Lori: You can take these tickle hugs and stick them in your stove pipe. I quit

Shaun: I don't think you mean literally. I think you need a tickle

(Shaun tickle Lori)

Lori: NO! STOP! I DO NOT NEED A... (Scream) STOP! I mean it!

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