(At the Loud Backyard, Lincoln and Lynn Sr. are playing baseball.)

Lincoln: Bottom of the ninth, Loud is pitching a jet. Move in, Batter hit like my Mom! No, I don’t mean that mom.

Lynn Sr.: Did you ever wonder why that your sister won’t play with you?

Lincoln: No I don’t.

Loud Families: Happy Birthday Lincoln!

Lynn Sr.: Dang it! It is today? Happy Birthday son!

Lori: You’re gonna love that we’ll take you for your birthday.

Lincoln: I doubt it! The place you take me always so... well, embarrassing.

Luan: There’s nothing embarrassing in the place. I blind fold you with the bra eye to eye. (Laughing) Get it?

(The Loud Family took Lincoln something childish)

Sisters: Surprise!

Lincoln: Wow, It like I read my mind but It was the exact opposite.

Lola: It’s the Build-a-Milford Store.

Rita: Girls, I specifically told you to find the place that Lincoln will like.

Leni: We would but we are not taking him to Dairyland.

Lincoln: Wait, Building an Imaginary Friends is my Non-Childish Birthday Present?

Lynn Jr: Relax bro, We don’t have to call Imaginary Friend. We can call it “An Action Figure.”

Flip: Where’s the birthday boy, I got a birthday crown for little kids. Sorry, 11 years old.

Lincoln: This is not what I want to do for my birthday. I want to do something that I’m very interest in it.

Rita: Sorry Linc, But your sister have their own interest.

Lincoln: Well, Then give me imaginary friend! I wish I have a brother. He’s the one who is interested. He can solve my problem, Watch ARRGH with me, and transform into something that I can prank... well, something.

Lori: You literally not pranking us are you?

Lincoln: No. He can control my brain, He can be the master of disguise, We can all be roommate like you guys. Me and David. I name him David because I’m a guy and this how a guy eats kiddies cake.

Flip: Kid.

(Back in the Loud House)

Lincoln: This is the worst birthday ever!

David Bubblestone: Ow! Don’t take it out on me.

Lincoln: Who said that?

David Bubblestone: I did. Now step aside boss. It’s Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! My gosh, I’m totally real! How cool is that?

All: (Screaming)

David Bubblestone: You must be Lincoln. I’m David Bubblestone and I’m your Imaginary Friend. Let’s hang, have fun, and getting wild like the rest of us.

Lincoln: He is awesome!

David Bubblestone: Yeah I am! Wahoo!

Lincoln: I got to get my camera! He’s epic!

Rita: Yeah, He is epic!

Lynn Sr: Your mother and I couldn’t agree more. Knife!

Rita: Got it!

David Bubblestone: (Screaming)

Lynn Sr. You kill him.

Rita: Take him out of here without Lincoln see it that we kill him

David Bubblestone: Psych!

All: (Screaming)

David Bubblestone: You didn’t kill me because I turn holographic!

Lucy: Okay, That guy is creepy but let’s not panic. We taken this creature before and that why we got Walt.

Lisa: Why did Imaginary Friend become real?

David Bubblestone: I don’t know. Who’s that?

(Music Playing of I Wanna Know What Love Is)

Lori: That’s Leni

David Bubblestone: No way, She’s pretty.

Leni: Me pretty? Aw, That such a sweet thing to say.

David Bubblestone: Hi. My name David.

Lori: Back off! She’s too good for you.

Leni: Sorry about Lori, She’s just selfish.

Lincoln: This is the first time I got a brother.

Rita: Lincoln, If he’s going to stay, You got to take care of him.

Lynn Sr. You heard your mother. It’s like adopting a puppy.

David Bubblestone: Don’t worry about me. I can handle everything. Speaking of puppy, You gotta get a newspaper because I gotta pee.

Rita and Lynn: On it!

David Bubblestone: Thanks.

(In Lincoln's Bedroom)

David Bubblestone: So, This is the man cave and a... What the what!

Lincoln: That’s just my toy bunny, Bun Bun.

David Bubblestone: No I mean the bed.

Lincoln: Oh, The bed that you can sleep with me and we can be roommate.

David Bubblestone: I don’t know, If I sleep in your bed, I will fall.

Lincoln: Just stay positive. Would like to read the Ace 7 Comic Book?

David Bubblestone: Who's that?

Lincoln: Ace 7 is a greatest super hero of all time and I could read it my underwaer..

David Bubblestone: Very interesting. I’ll make more space so we can all be roommate.

Lincoln: Great!

David Bubblestone: But not right now because I want to look around The Loud House.

Lincoln: You’re not rather hanging out with my sisters are you?

David Bubblestone: Don’t worry about me. I promise I’ll make more space for your room.

Lincoln: But we got a lot of guy things to do.

(In The Loud Parents' Room)

David Bubblestone: Excuse me.

Lynn Sr.: Oh hi. What are you doing in here?

David Bubblestone: We need to talk. If I’m going to stay, Lincoln and I gonna need more space.

Lynn Sr.: Well, And I need that stupid guy to GET SOME CURTAINS!

David Bubblestone: Which guy are you... (Screaming) I better get rid of that image. That’s better. Now, I did promise to give Lincoln some more space but It will be great to meeting the Louds.

Lynn Sr.: Now, I know what you’re talking about. You already met me and Rita. You would like to meet Lincoln’s sisters? Well, Lincoln will get mad if you’re hanging out with them. Well, I won’t tell Lincoln about our conversation and Rita and I will let you stay but We’re not doing it for you because We’re doing it for Lincoln.

David Bubblestone: Okey Dokey.

(In Lisa and Lily's Room)

David Bubblestone: Excuse me kid.

Lisa: Not now Mr. Bubblestone. I’m very busy with my new experiment.

David Bubblestone: Whoa, What’s that.

Lisa: That’s the logo of my new brand. It’s called... (Whisper) Lisa.

David Bubblestone: You’re brand is called Lisa?

Lisa: No. My name’s Lisa and my brand... (Whisper) Lisa.

David Bubblestone: This is awkward.

Lisa: I don’t have time for those silly games of yours. Don’t touch that! Don’t sit there! Bubblestone, That’s my bed!

David Bubblestone: Sorry, I can play with Lincoln but I want 10 of Lincoln’s sister to play with me too.

Lisa: Maybe you can ask someone else to play and You’ll might need close pin because there’s Lily with the full diaper.

David Bubblestone: Ugh!

Lily: Poo Poo!

(In Lana and Lola's Room)

David Bubblestone: Chaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!

Lola: David!

Lana: Whoa, cool!

David Bubblestone: Wahoo! That was the wildest room that I will play in here.

Lana: You can say that again. My name is Lana and this is Lola.

Lola: And you ruin my Tea Party!

David Bubblestone: Oh dear!

Lana: I’m sorry about Lola, She can be kinda of meanie, bratty, and bossy. Lola and I are twins but we all have different things.

Lola: She’s right. We have different like I love Beauty pageants.

Lana: And I Playing in the mud and make Mud Pie.

David Bubblestone: And I love to getting wild and have fun! Wahoo!

Lana: Wahoo!

Lola: Hey, Get off of my bed! You people and your muddy feet are ruining my beauty bed!

(In Lynn and Lucy's Room)

David Bubblestone: Uh lady?

Lucy: Hello Bubblestone. The name is Lucy and what did you want.

David Bubblestone: I will be great look around the Loud House.

Lucy: Speaking of looking, I may have a secret and don’t tell anyone about my secret.

David Bubblestone: I won’t tell.

Lucy: Okay, You ask for it.
Lucy's Eyes

David Bubblestone: Your Eyes!

Lucy: Sigh.

Lynn: What’s going on in here.

David Bubblestone: Uh, I was listening to Lucy’s Poem.

Lynn: Okay. By the way, Lynn Jr.

David Bubblestone: What do you like to do?

Lynn: I play a lot of sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, and many more.

David Bubblestone: I need to talk to you in your bed.

Lynn: Okay. What is it.

David Bubblestone: (Farting)

Lynn: Ugh!

David Bubblestone: Dutch oven! (Laughing)

Lynn: You... You you... You... are awesome!

David Bubblestone: Wahoo!

(In Luna and Luan's Room)

David Bubblestone: HI THERE!

Luna: Whoa, not so loud dude!

David Bubblestone: Sorry Luna but nobody like Rock you out while your Rolling. (Laughing) Get it?

Luan: Hey! That’s my joke but that was a good one.

Luna: How do you know my name.

David Bubblestone: Your mom told me all about you. Luna pull out the guitar and rock it out in the concert and Luan pull all those pranks and even April Fools Day.

Luan: Yeah, How do you know that?

David Bubblestone: People should know all about the Loud House. Now if you excuse me I’m on my way to listen to the Hi-5 band.

Luna: The what?

David Bubblestone: You never heard of the Hi-5 band?

Luna: No.

David Bubblestone: I’ll get my laptop and you’ll see. Trust me on that one.

(Music Playing "Hi-5 Ready or Not")
Hi-5 USA - Ready or Not-0

Hi-5 USA - Ready or Not-0

Luna: Dude, That is so AWESOME!

David Bubblestone: YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!

Luna: Dude, That is so AWESOME!

(In Lori and Leni's Room)

Leni: Hi David.

David Bubblestone: Hi Leni. What are you doing.

Leni: I’m trying to make me look best for you but It’s really hard for me to decide.

David Bubblestone: You know what? I’ll help to decide.

Leni: Aw, That will be lovely thing to do.

David Bubblestone: Let’s see. What to wear? What to wear? How about this one?

Leni: Too spotty. Too cutie. Too poofy. Too fairy. Too fifty. Too sunny.

David Bubblestone: What about this one.

Leni: That’s perfect.

David Bubblestone: Okay, here we go and... Ta da!

Leni: I look fashionable! Thank you David!

David Bubblestone: No problem. This call for a fashion dance.


David and Leni: (Screaming)

Lori: Leni, Is tha my shirt?! Take it off!

Leni: I can’t! I look fashionable!

Lori: There's only one rule in this house: Stay out of my bedroom! If I catch you in here again, I will literally turn you into a human pretzel! [on the phone] No, not you, Bobby. [giggles] One sec, okay?

David Bubblestone: (Screaming) Ow! She was a meanie as Lola. I think I better give Lincoln more space.

(Back in Lincoln's Room)

Lincoln: David, Where have you been and what are you doing?

David Bubblestone: Like I promise you like giving more space.

(David bump into the wall which it cause the wall fall)

David Bubblestone: Pretty cool huh?

Lincoln: What did you... What...

Lola: This is awesome! You guys are so dead! Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!

Lincoln: What did you do?!

David Bubblestone: We go more space and look at all this fresh air.

Mr. Grouse: Loud!

David Bubblestone: Sorry sir, I just give Lincoln some spaces with fresh air.

Mr. Grouse: Oh, okay.

Lincoln: Why your eyes are blue?

David Bubblestone: Why? I’m not crying.

Lincoln: You can’t get blue eyes after you cry. Wait, Is that... Eye Shadow?! David Bubblestone!

David Bubblestone: I could explain!

Lincoln: You lie to me about the whole thing! I can’t believe you rather hang out with my dumb sisters!

David Bubblestone: But Lincoln, I have lots of things to do in the loud house. And we got more space like I promise and which it why that we should be celebrating like hanging out and being bro.

Lincoln: You’re not my bro!

David Bubblestone: (Gasping)

Lincoln: I don’t want any brother who hung out with my sisters or destroy stuff.

David Bubblestone: Ouch! That wasn’t nice at all. I guess all be leaving. (Crying)

Rita: David, Where are you going?

David Bubblestone: Some place I will live.

Rita: Why?

David Bubblestone: I don’t want to talk about it.

Rita: What! Oh my! LINCOLN, WHAT HAPPEN?!

Lincoln: I’m sorry Mom! Are you mad?

Rita: OF COURSE I'M MAD!!! There use to be a wall! It was right here and now it’s not there!

Lincoln: I didn’t destroy the wall. David destroy the wall and he’s gone now because I send him away.

Rita: Really? He’s not coming back? I didn’t even get to say goodbye. (Softly Sob) Hey, Mr. Grouse. Is that a new robe?

Mr. Grouse: I supoose it is.

(Lincoln walk up to Clyde's house)

Clyde: Hey Lincoln, what's up?

Lincoln: Is your trundle bed available?

Clyde: Is it for you, or Lori?

Lincoln: For me, Clyde. I need to talk about the problem.

Clyde: Say no more.

(10 minute later)

Lincoln: So that’s it Dr. Lopez.

Clyde: I can see that. Some Imaginary Friends can be fun but sometimes they can be jerks.

David Bubblestone: He'll think that I’m a jerk.

Lincoln: David what are you doing here?

David Bubblestone: I here at your friend of yours house for a problem of mine. And he gave the money for the damage I cause. Anyway, I’m sorry I let you down. This is goodbye.

Clyde: Poor David.

Lincoln: I have to admit. Imaginary Friends can be fun and he is a great guy. But he rather hang out with my sisters then me. But my sisters are my family but sometimes they wouldn't let to be alone. But I realize that everyone think other instead of themselves. David and I will be great buddy like Clyde and I. But sometimes he’ll keep getting me into a lot of trouble. But it’s kinda nice having a brother.

David Bubblestone: Wait, did you just call me a brother? I never had a brother before.

Lincoln: Look, I never had a brother either. I’ve been waiting for it for 8 years.

David Bubblestone: (Crying) Here comes the tears again.

Lincoln: I’m sorry I’ve acted like a total jerk. What do you say? Do you want to come home?

David Bubblestone: I don’t know.

Lincoln: Don’t worry, You can hang out with family what ever you want.

David Bubblestone: Thank you.

Clyde: Lincoln, That’s was right thing to say.

(Back in the Loud House)

Lynn Sr.: The whole wall? THE WHOLE WALL?!

Rita: Yep, The whole wall.

Lynn Sr.: Families, Come upstairs this minute! Do you have any idea about the wall got knock down in Lincoln’s Room?! That stay between us! Whoever’s responsible for this, everyone’s grounded!

David Bubblestone: Then ground me. I made that hole.

Rita: David, What are you doing here? I thought you left.

David Bubblestone: I’m taking back the responsible for all of you and I’m sorry. Are you still gonna ground me or you gonna strangle me or blind me with pepper spray or turn me into a human pretzel?

Lori: You heard him Dad! He admitted! Especially you heard about the human pretzel.

Lynn Sr.: Yes, We heard him alright. He said he was sorry. Since he was honest, he’s not grounded.

Rita: Since he was sorry, We all forgive him.

Sisters: (Cheering)

David Bubblestone: Well, how sweet it is!

Lincoln: (To the viewers) Well, Since everything is A-Okay, David will be staying with us.


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