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Steve's Colorful Safari was a block on ABColors that aired mostly children's television series. The block aired from 12-2 pm EST and PT/11-1 pm CT each weekday afternoon.


Steve's Colorful Safari is an entertaining, interactive 2-hour programming block designed to celebrate friends and their families' active routines, lifestyles, and exploreness. The block features Steve Irwin, Shaun the Lion, and Raymond the Kangaroo.

Steve surprises the kids who are being "Colors Scout" with safari hat, knapsack, and badges only a Colors Scout can wear.  During all of his adventures, he checks in with both Shaun and Raymond.


  • Active Kids: Steve Irwin find some kids are being active and he tell the kids that they need to put on the Colors Scout costumes when it's Colors Scout Time.
  • Learning About Animals: Steve Irwin fins some animals to discover like kangaroos, elephants, crocodiles, ect.
  • Going Green: Steve Irwin find some kids doing something to keep the Earth clean and he tell the kids that they need to put on the Colors Scout costumes when it's Colors Scout Time.
  • Move to the Music/The Crocodiles Hunter of the Day: First, Raymond tell the viewers that it's time to move to the music from the Happy Colors. Then, Raymond check out the Crocodile Hunter of the Day to show some dance moves, similar to the "Magenta Happy Colors" segment on the Happy Colors' Morning and "Daycare Boogie" segment on the Sunnyside Colorful World Show.
  • Healthy Cookbook/Crikey Tasteoff: In Part 1, Steve Irwin are with the kids to make something healthy to eat in the cookbook. In Part 2, Steve Irwin and the kids are taking the Crikey Tasteoff after they made their own healthy food from the cookbook.
  • Active Movement: Raymond teaches the kids how to get moving like active kangaroos when kids send in the video to get moving.


  • Billy Unger as Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter
  • Tyrel Jackson William as Shaun the Lion
  • Olivia Holt as Raymond the Kangaroo



  • The real Steve Irwin is dedicate him from February 22 1962 - September 4 2006.
  • An animated Steve Irwin is voiced by Billy Unger.