(Leni is going sightseeing of the Statue of the Mayor of Rainbow World and she see Catherine and Baxter)

Catherine: Hello Leni. One ticket for Statue of the Mayor of Rainbow World?

Leni: You betcha! I was looking forward to it

Baxter: You'll be amazed at how much you see from the observation deck

Leni: I will! That's why I brought my camera

(Then Leni stand in line at the elevator and the elevator open and other people get in)

(Then after they went to escalator)

Leni: OMGosh! That's a lot of stairs! Oh well, It will be worth it to take pictures

(Leni take out a parrot)

Leni: That's a parrot! I must run back to the Happy Colors Clubhouse and get it!

(Leni knock over Ashley, Rita and Lynn Sr)

Leni: Coming through! Camera emergency

(Leni went back to the elevator where Lana is on and went down and went back to the clubhouse)

(Later, Leni came back with the camera)

Catherine: Back so soon for another trip

Leni: Yes please

(Leni get back on the elevator then escalator)

Leni: OH NO! I forgot Lily! She'll cry if we always forgetting he

(Leni knock over Fana, Roger, and Shaun)

Leni: Help me coming through! Baby emergency

(Leni went back to the elevator where Luan is on and then Leni get back to the clubhouse and got Lily and come back)

Leni: Sorry Lily. Didn't mean to forget you

Baxter: Lucky it's babies get in free day. Come on in

Lily: (Giggles)

(Then Leni got up the escalator with Lucy, Lola and Marcus)

Leni: You know, It would be amazing that you can see from miles from up here at the top of the mayor's statue. And you can take picture of the statue. Maybe I can get you inflatable diaper just in case

(Leni come down and knock over Lynn, Ayla, and Raymond)

Leni: Coming through!

(Leni went back to the elevator where Ariel is on then Leni went back and got the inflatable diaper then come back again)

(However, Leni is getting tire from running)

Leni: (Panting) I'm getting tired. What will I do

(Leni ride on Lily as she fly to the statue)

Lily: (Giggles)

(Then they got to the top of the statue)

(Leni got off of Lily)

Leni: What do you think Lily?

Lily: Goo goo!

Leni: Do you have a camera?

(Lily shook her head no)

Leni: Dang it. I left my camera at home again

Lily: Goo goo

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