(Lynn Sr. came into the souvenir shop)

Lynn Sr: Hello Wally, I'm looking for a souvenir of my stay here at the hotel

Wally: I have just a thing. Do you want a bag of jellybeans?

(Wally tip it over)

Wally: Oops

Lynn Sr.: No thanks.

Wally: How about a Rainbow World Hotel coffee mug

Lynn Sr.: I would but I should respect other people in Rainbow World that they don't drink coffee

Wally: What about this

(Wally pick up a pencil sharpener but knock over the shelf)

Lynn Sr.: A pencil sharpener?

Wally: Yep! A Rainbow World Hotel pencil sharpener

Lynn Sr.: Sorry but writing poem is a job for Lucy

Wally: How about a Rainbow World Hotel bear

Lynn Sr.: Awwww. A teddy bear

(Wally rip the head off the teddy bear)

Wally: Oops

Lynn Sr.: Oh. Lily will not be happy about that

Wally: Let me see if there's more in the back

(Then he came back with the cardboard boxes of teddy bears)

Wally: They're still in the box.

(Lynn Sr. open the box and pick up a teddy bear)

Lynn Sr: This one looks good

Wally: That will be 5 dollar

(Lynn Sr paid up for it)

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