(Rita is giving Lana a night job)

Rita: You might want to put the lids on tighter. I heard about skunks in the area

Lana: You know what they say, There's nothing like a stink of skunk

Rita: I find it disgusting. Make sure your garbage is secure

(Meanwhile, Lola is sleeping in Ariel's Room and then she hear a sound)

Lola: (Gasped) What was that? Is there a monster?

(Lola looked and went outside)

(Lana was playing with the trash)

Lola: Please don't eat me you monster

Lana: Hi there Lola

Lola: Lana! What are you doing out here?! It's 3 O'clock in the morning!

Lana: I just remembered I accidentally threw out a chicken wing

Lola: Well please clean up this mess!

Lana: Come on Lola. Skunks can be our friend

Lola: Maybe in your world but not in everybody's world

(Then Lola go back to Ariel's bed and then Lola find skunks in the bed)

Lola: (Screaming)

Lana: Why did I throw away a perfectly good pizza crust

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