(Catherine is driving the ship)

Ariel: Catherine, I know you're the captain but we seem to be going slow with all the icebergs

Catherine: I think we know where we're going

Ariel: We're about to hit one and it will have a giant hole and it will sink

(Then they hit one)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming)

Fana: (Screaming)

Ariel: Uh oh. Just like we hit on right now

Catherine: Oh no!

(The ship is about to sink)

Ayla: (Screaming)

David: Wonderful crews! Really it was! Too bad we're sinking

Ashley: Yeah! Real bad

Ariel: Catherine, I really think we're sinking

Catherine: What are we gonna do?!

(Then Ariel get a call from Lynn)

Lynn: Yo, Ariel! We're taking all water really fast!

Ariel: Lynn call me we're taking all water!

Catherine: Indeed we are!

Ariel: And she says we're out of lifeboat but they're using Lily's diaper instead

Catherine: Then let's go to where Lily is

Lily: (Giggles)

Ariel: Hello? Rainbow World Rescue? This is the Good Ship Catherine. We hit an iceberg and we're sinking

Catherine: She's right! WE NEED HELP!

(The water rises faster)

Ariel: We really need to get on Lily's diaper before this ship goes under

Catherine: Go on without me! I'll wait until the Rainbow World Rescue save me

Ariel: I better get into Lily's diaper

(Ariel swim away then the boat begins to sink)

Catherine: I hope they'll rescue me

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