(Lori is texting Bobby on her phone until she hear the steer drum by Luna)

Lori: Luna, Are you gonna do that all day

Luna: You bet, Lori! I'm feeling hot cha cha!

Lori: I'm feeling annoyed annoyed annoyed!

(Just then, Shaun is sneaking up on Lori and is about to tickle her)

Lori: Do it Shaun and you'll never play piano again

Shaun: How did you know it was me?

Lori: Lucky guess. If you don't mind I'm trying to enjoy myself

Shaun: Which it why you need a tickle

Lori: I don't need a tickle. I need you to move along

Shaun: Sure you don't want a teensy weensy tickle

(Lori glare at Shaun)

(Shaun run off and now he's about to tickle Marcus)

Marcus: Tickle me and you better be prepared for a day of terror


Marcus: (Laughing)

Catherine: I have no idea that pelicans are big

(Shaun tickled Catherine)

Catherine: (Laughing) NO! STOP IT! (Laughing)

(The pelican poop on Shaun)

Shaun: UGH! YUCK! What fun is a cruise if no one wants to be tickled

Lana: Hi Shaun! Come and join the conga line!

(Lana, Felix, Marcus, Lincoln, Ashley, and Lori are in the line)

Shaun: Lori, you don't seem like the conga line type

Lori: What a waste of texting time with Bobby

Shaun: That's because you need a tickle

(Shaun tickle Lori with his mane)

Lori: No! (Laughs) Stop that! I mean it! (Laughing)

(Then Lori tickle Ashley then the rest of the people in the conga line are tickled)

Shaun: I love an ocean cruise!

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