[The story start with the louds eating breakfast]

David: Why is there a tiger in the cereal box? Did you meet some tigers?!

Rita: No David. That tiger is a fictional cereal.

David: [disappointed] Aww.

Lincoln: [cough] I feel bad stomache flu coming on until... FRIDAY!

Rita: That's a strang paciffic illness as you watched Bill Nye the Science Guy.

David: Who's Billy Nye the Science Guy?

Rita: Bill Nye the Science Guy is an American science communicator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer. This Friday, He'll be studing about bugs for the class and Scaredy Lincoln.

David: Lincoln? You're afraid of bugs.

Lincoln: Well, to be honest, Yes. It happen one night right before Halloween.

David: Boo! You get to the bug part.

[Flashback start]

Lincoln: We advertise a Haunted House. I don't see anything scary here.

Liam: What do you call these?

Lincoln: Rubber Cockaroaches.

Liam: Dang Navvit!

Clyde: Check out these bloody worms!

Lincoln: That's just leftover spagetthi with a garlic bread.

Clyde: Dang it! Smart as a vampire.

Lincoln: Who's afraid of the chocolate spider?

Zach: No! That's my...

[The real spider made Lincoln scream as David scream at the end of flashback.]

Lincoln: Why are you screaming?


(at the Gus and Games Grubs)

Clyde: I agree with Lincoln because he is really afraid of bugs.

Liam: Me too.

Zach: Me three. But we need him because Bill Nye is coming to our school.

David: I agree with Zach.

Lincoln: I can't go because I'm too scared.

David: Maybe if I could cure it. Look into my eyes!

Lincoln: Yes master.

David: What is your fear type?

Lincoln: It's bugs master.

David: Now.... FEAR BE GONE!

[David pull the blanket that made Lincoln spin and got really dizzy.]

Lincoln: What do you know! I'm cured! Come here. DAVID BE GONE!

[Lincoln throw David into the air and landed on the floor.]

David: Well, That didn't work. [as he faint.]

[Back in the Loud House, Leni and Lucy are watching a scary trailer called "An American Werewold in London"]

Leni: Look pretty scary.

Lucy: Scaryiness is my thing. I hope I'm not cheating on Edwin.

Leni: Maybe if I could go and see it tonight.

Lucy: I could go too.

Leni: Sorry, Lucy. You're too young.

Lucy: Sigh.

Lynn Sr.: Kids, Watcha doing?

Leni: Dad, Could I go see a movie about a werewolf.

Lynn Sr.: Sorry, Leni but Nobody or kids shouldn't watch the movie that is scary but only for me... I'll see the movie tomorrow.

Leni: Okay, It's your rule.

[As Lynn Sr. left the kitchen and enter the living room, David overhear about it.]

David: Stop right there! You can't see that movie about a werewolf. It will eat you up like meat and those people tought you bad words.

Lynn Sr.: David, Of course I'm gonna see the movie. I just told Leni I was.

David: [Gasped] You lied?!

Lynn Sr.: Sometimes lying is hard when someone being good parents.

David: I see.

[Laster that night, David is hypnotizing Lincoln.]

David: You are getting sleepy. Sleepy. Now look into my eyes. Can you feel a beautiful butterfly on your shoulder?

Lincoln: Yes and it was pretty.

David: Good. When I snap my fingure, You'll be cured. [snap] You're all cured. What do you have to say?

Lincoln: I dropped my Ace 7 on the floor.

[When he looked down, Lincoln kick him when he really think it didn;t work.]

Lincoln: I wasn't hypnotized.

David: Dang it! I'm out of ideas.

Lola: You guys are hopeless. When I was scared of thunderstorm, Daddy sing this beautifully song.

Lincoln: That is not possible and it's not like David is gonna...

[He started to sing a song called "Butterflies Flit" as he played the music]


The Wiggles-Butterflies Flit

[Lincoln grabbed his phone away.]

Lincoln: That's not helping.

Lola: Oh please. I'm sure that will.

David: Lola's right and beside you need to feel my bug in this jar.

Lincoln: There's no bug in the far. AND THERE'S NOT LID IN THE JAR EITHER!! OH NO!!! I'M GONNA DIE!!!

David: Relax Lincoln, It's just a ladybug.


Lincoln: I thought you said it was a ladybug.

David: It's a ladyscorpian. There you go fella. Well, Let's continue tomorrow. Good night.

Lincoln: Good night.

[The next morning]

David: Good morning. Look like you're cured because you spend the whole night covered in bugs.

[Lincoln was shocked and see them]

Lincoln: David? TELL ME THEY'RE FAKE?!

David: Nope and a ladybug is still in the jar. Oops! No it isn't.

[A few moments later]

David: Okay, This time stay in the jar.

Lincoln: Man! Thank to you, Now I'm gonna have nightmare about these bugs.

David: Lincoln, stop overeacting and I got the bug back inside except the part I got bitten it on a hand but I'm fine.

Lincoln: Fine?! You're hand is not fine! It's huge!

David: Whoa! Only one thing to do, Take me to Mount Rushmore because I'll be picking Teddy's nose and post it to Lana.

[Back in the kitchen]

Lucy: Hello.

Leni: (Scraming) I mean... Hey. Want some eggs?

Lucy: Why are you so jumpy? Don't tell Madame Lucy, Seeing an American Werewolf in London?

Leni: How did you find out?

Lucy: It's right in my crystal ball.

Leni: I wish I never seen a movie about a monster coming out and eat you up.

Lucy: Like this?

Leni: (Screaming)

Rita: Are you okay?!

Leni: I'm fine. We're just playing a game called "Who's the Scream Loudest". I won.

Rita: Okay.

Lucy: You know, Tonight dinner that we're having sparibbs with all those meat. Yum.

Leni: I gotta go.

Rita: I better hide my purse.

David: Hey check out my meathook!

Leni: (Screaming)

[At Lily and Lisa's room]

Lisa: That's quite a bite! Okay. First let's listen to your heart.

[Lisa listen to David's heart and it sounded like Flamenco Music.]

Lisa: Okay, Now let's check your reflexes.

[Lisa tap on David's knees and he swing his legs]

Lisa: Now it's time to check your ears.

[Lisa look inside and see Lincoln]

Lisa: Elder brother? Is that you?

Lincoln: What's up Doc.

Lisa: Now here's a way to get rid of the bite like giving you a shot.

Lincoln: That's the cure.

[Lisa pull it out with a needle]

David: (Screaming)

Lincoln: Relax, Lisa is only is gonna give you a second.

Lisa: Hold him down!

David: NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!

Lisa: Now now now, Pay no attention to the needle. Concentrate on the mustache! [echo]

[Later that night, David is having a dream coming on.]

David: I'm skating in the house. I must be dreamin. Cool!

Mr. Grouse: Isn't it wonderful?

David: (Screaming)

[Mr. Grouse skated away and Leni arrived]

Leni: Hi honey.

David: Oh thank goodness it's you baby. Things are getting a little weird. Up up and away!

Leni: Weeeeeeee!

[Leni come back down and the mustache appear.]

David: (Screaming)

Leni: Weeeeeeee!

[The mustache monster come to David's arm]

David: (Screaming)

(As he scream, He run for his life and he fell off the purch to fall from the sky and landed on the trash can of mustaches.)

Leni: Weeeeeeee!

[Leni come back down and the mustache appear.]

David: (Screaming) HELP! GET ME OUT OF HERE! HELP!

[The mustaches grabbed David's nexk back in here to cover him up in death.]

Fantasy Lisa: So long, David!

David: NO NO! HELP ME!

[Lisa close the lid and David wakes up in terror.]

David: (Screaming) (Gasped) Oh man! Lincoln, I just had a bad dream.

[Lincoln turns around and reveal the mustache.]

David: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Gasped) h man! Lincoln, I just had a... Wait! I'm not falling for that one again! Mustache Attack!

Lincoln: (Screaming) David, What's your problem?!

David: A pretty short mustache.

[Later, David lock himself in Lincoln's room when Lisa is trying to get in]

Lisa: David, let us in! I checked that there's no mustacheds anywhere.

David: That's exactully what a mustache say.

Lincoln: Listen, You can't live in Lincoln's room for the rest of your life.

David: It's not safe out here.

Lisa: (Sigh) Guess that was me and my big mouth.

Lincoln: Listen David, I'll make you a deal. I'll come to see Bill Nye if you'll come out.

David: But you're afraid of bugs.

Lincoln: I know but you're my hope to face my fear.

David: Okay, Let's do this.

[Back in the Living Room, Leni sobbing in the couching.]

Lynn Sr: Honey, You okay?

Leni: Mm-mm.

Rita: You looked freaked out.

Lynn Sr.: Did some turns against you?

Leni: Mm-mm.

Rita: Did you dropped your phone onto the toilet?

Leni: Mm-mm.

Lynn Sr.: I don't know what go into you.

[Lucy walked in]

Rita: Lucy, Why are you eating BBQ for breakfast?

Lucy: Why? Does Leni want some?

Leni: GET THAT AWAY FROM ME! I can't take this anymore. How come anyone get to see a werewolf in loncon? I'm a wrack!

Lynn Sr.: Wait, You saw the movie after I told you not too?!

Leni: Yes! I'm sorry! I shouldn't never gone. I'm the worst daughter and you're the best dad.It's unbelieveable you saw thw movie.

Rita: Wait! You what?!

Lynn Sr.: Well people were scared and think there's a mad dog.

Leni: Yeah and policemans shot him out and reveal someone in dusguise.

Lynn Sr.: I know that poor creature.

Leni: I was guy. It's like you didn't even... [Gasped] You didn't see that movie! You lied to me!

Lynn Sr.: Mine was like your harless fib and then.. Okay, we both lied.

Rita: Well, that did not worked out.

Lucy: I'm very disappointed in both of you! Give me your phones!

[At the school, There's Bill Nyes the Science Guy]

Bill: Hi everyone! I'm Bill Nye the Science Guy and today I'm going to studies about bugs.

Lincoln: Well, You're my brother and you're also my bodyguard.

David: Thanks. That's very sweet. Hi-5!

Bill: I need volenteer. Okay, You raised youre hand.

Lincoln: I wasn't raising my hand.

Bill: Are you calling me a liar?

Lincoln: No.

Bill: Well, don't be shy. Come on!

David: Go get em, Linky.

Bill: Here it is. The most slimy, rare, creepy crawling thing with the sense of smell.

Lincoln: Oh no! That wasn't part of the deal!

Bill: This creature is called a worm. They need to be slimy by using water.

Lincoln: Hey, This isn't bad at all. It kind of tickle.

David: Look, He's doing it. I'm so proud of him. If Lincoln overcome his fear, I should overcome my fear.

[David can see a worm on the middle of Lincoln's nose and mouth]

David: (Gasped) MUSTAAAAAAAAAAACHE! (Screaming)

Bill: What's wrong with him?

Lincoln: Ah, nothing. David is fear of mustache.

Bill: You don't say.

[Later that night, Rita came back home in a hurry and throw her purse away until she see a monster but it was David.]

David: Hi Mrs. Loud. I'm making Pizza. Wanna half?

[He chopped down the pizza which it made sauce landed on Rita]

Rita: (Screaming)

David: Relax, It's just tomato sauce.

Rita: I'm sorry! I got reallt freaked out! I just saw a horrable movie doing horrible thing and a werewolf doing horrible appitite! BECAUSE I'M A GOOD PARENT! (Sobbing)

David: Yikes.


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