Roger and Catherine Go Skiing

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Roger: I don't think I cut out with this whole skiing idea, Catherine.

Catherine: Oh there's nothing to worry about. It's so simple.

Roger: It's the simple thing that I find most dangerous.

Catherine: (Giggles) You're so funny.

Roger: That wasn't a joke.

(The thing go up and Roger fell)

Catherine: Remember to ski away from the chair or it will knock you down. Just trying to be helpful. Now it's important to keep your feet bent and your knees apart. Or is it knees bent and feet apart.

(Roger feet bent apart)

Catherine: Oh whatever. Just keep everything apart and bent

(Roger slid off)

Roger: (Screaming)

(Catherine was skiing)

Roger: (Screaming)

(Catherine still skiiing)

Roger: (Screaming)

(Catherine still skiiing)

Roger: (Screaming)

(Then Catherine ski down and the snowball roll and crash and out comes Roger)

Catherine: There you are! Come on we can try the expert slope next.

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