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David: Hey everybody! I'm David Bubblestone here with Ashley Stanhopes for the Rainbow World Relay Race! Perfect weather don't you think, Ashley?

Ashley: We couldn't ask for a better day

David: Let's meet our two teams racing for today's event

Ashley: Racing for Team Purple is Molly, Lynn, Marcus and Luna

David: Racing for Team Aquamarine is Lori, Wally, Ayla, and Leni

Ashley: As you know each member of each team will run through Rainbow World carrying a baton which will be passed to another teammate throughout the race.

David: It look like our runners are ready to begin

(Rita blast the air horn and Molly and Lori started running)

David: And there they go! Molly and Lori are running neck to neck

(Then Lori got hit by a tree)

(Wally grab the baton from Lori)

David: There goes Wally

(then it shows Lynn)

Ashley: There's Molly pass it to Lynn

David: And there comes Lynn who is a strong competitor here today

(Back to Wally but having a fumble)

David: Oh wait! Oh wait! Looks like we have a fumble

(Then come to Marcus)

David: There's Lynn pass it to Marcus and... (Gasped)

Ashley: Wow! Lynn did mangle her baton

Lynn: Oh baby!

David: Well that's a first

(Marcus started running and then comes to Leni)

David: Now Wally pass it to Leni

Wally: Whoops

David: Whoa! Look at Leni go

Ashley: I never seen her feet move so fast!

David: And now she's neck and neck with Marcus

(Marcus put on his mask)

Ashley: Now I really can't bear to look

Leni: (Screaming)

(Leni went in the wrong direction)

David: Now Leni is going in the wrong direction!

Ashley: What an upset

(Wally turn Leni around)

Ashley: Oh! She's going the right way now

David: Up ahead Marcus passes off to Luna. Back to Leni

(Leni tripped on a rock and let go of the baton)

Ashley: Oh no! Leni lost her baton

David: Oh no! If she doesn't find the baton, Aquamarine will be the loser today!

(Leni had the skunk)

David: Back to Purple. Luna is looking good

(Then Leni run to Luna)

David: Holy Moly! Leni is back in the race

Luna: UGH!

David: Now Ayla is waiting for Leni

(Then Leni came near Ayla)

Leni: Phew

Ayla: Ugh! PU! PU! PU! PU! PU! PU! PU! PU! PU!

David: And wow! Looks like we may have a winner folks

(The skunk spray Ayla)

Ayla: (Coughing)

(Luna cross the finish line)

David: And it's Luna for Team Purple!

Ashley: Hooray for Everybody!

Lori: (Angrily Scream) That's the last time I race with Leni on my team

(The skunk spray Lori)

Ashley: Goodness! That team lost by a nose

David: More like a tail Ashley.

David and Ashley: (Laughing)