(Everyone is here for the celebration of this special day)

David: What a turnout to celebrate Rainbow World Day! The happiest day of the year

Wally: Oh! I thought it was the festival of inflatable diapers. Sorry little babies

David: No, it's a Rainbow World Day celebration. To kick things off is our special musical guest Ariel

Ariel: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much big brother. It's fun to be here and I just wrote a song about Rainbow World Day on my ukulele.

(Ariel try to play it but it's out of tune)

Ariel: Dang it. This one is out of tune

(Ariel try and fix the tune and keep playing notes while she do so)

Wally: That is great song

(Then the string break and hit Roger's bottom)

Roger: OW! I don't

(Then another string break and hit Roger again)

Roger: OW! Well what are the odds

Ariel: Now this one is out of tune!

(Ariel try to fix the tune and keep playing)

Wally: You know, She's so musical

Lily: Goo goo

Wally: At least Lily agree

(Roger walked by, Ariel tuned again and another string hit him)

Roger: OW!

Ariel: Well so much for my guitar

(Ariel go and get the accordion and started playing)

Ariel: Oh it seems like it was just yesterday we made Rainbow World our home and I can't think of a better place for a man or beast or gnome

(The dogs howls)

Wally: Give me a beat and I'm a dancing machine

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