(Everyone are having a race)

Danny: Drivers to the starting line! Drivers to the starting line

(Catherine push Marcus' car, Lynn push Shaun's car, and Lisa push Felix's car to the starting line)

Marcus: Good work Catherine

Catherine: Thank you for letting me be your assistant Marcus

Marcus: I can't wait to win the race

(Then Lynn is pushing Shaun's truck)

Lynn: No way! Shaun's car is much faster than yours

Shaun: It sure is fast

(Then Felix and Lisa came with their car)

Felix: We invented my race car and it's much faster

(Then Molly came with her rocket)

Molly: You don't have a chance against my rocket racer. It's got the power of 800 horses

Lisa: Well, That rocket might not be safe

Felix: Yeah. It's really fast

(There a piece of gum on the rocket)

Ayla: Uh oh. There's a piece of gum

Danny: Start your engines!

Ayla: Wait a minute! There's a gum

(Then the race starts and The racer started driving and Ayla flew)


(Ayla knock on the engine)

Molly: Uh oh. Sounds like my engine is knocking. Maybe if I speed up

(Molly speed her rocket)

Danny: Now our 4 racers couldn't be closer!

(Felix is in front of Marcus' car and Marcus put on the scary face on the front of his car)

Felix: (Screaming)

Marcus: (Laughing)

Danny: What a race! It looks like Molly! No wait, it's Shaun! No, it's Marcus! No, Felix! No, Shaun! No, it's Molly by a bumper! Molly won the Rainbow World Race!


(Ayla got thrown off)

Ayla: Whoooooooa!

Molly: Ayla, Don't sit there! We got work to do

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