(Lori is talking to Bobby on her phone)

Lori: Oh Boo Boo Bear! That is literally LOL. I love enjoying the day with you on the phone.

Lynn: Lori, are you there? It's me Lynn. (breaks the door) Dang it

Lori: One minute okay? (to Lynn) Lynn! What are you doing here?!

Lynn: Sorry about that

Lori: Whatever it is, I'm busy talking to Bobby

Lynn: I was having a great time at the Rainbow World Day celebration. Everyone was there except you. I'm getting you to come to the festival

Lori: Let me think. No! If I leave Bobby on hold for a long time, he'll break up with me

Lynn: If you're not going, I'm not going

Lori: How can I talk to Bobby if your gonna disrupt with all these games and sports

Lynn: I'll shut the window. Maybe that'll help

Lori: That will never helped

(But Lynn close the window and it break the wall)

Lynn: I think I'll go back to the festival

Lori: Just what I need. Air conditioning.

(Lori pick up her phone)

Lori: I'm back, Bobby. Where were we

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