This is my new and improved Fanfiction of the Loud House when Lincoln wish that he had a brother or maybe an imaginary friend. There was a guy named "David Bubblestone". These episodes can be fanmade mode and my version mode. I'll be needing my good friend "Luna and Sam 1515" for help.

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Season 1 Episodes and Stories

  1. The Fun House (David)
  2. Left in the Dark (My Version) (Lincoln)
  3. Get the Message (My Version) NEW AND IMPROVED (Lincoln and Lori)
  4. Scaredy Cat (Lincoln)
  5. Commando App (David)
  6. Heavy Meddle (My Version)  NEW AND IMPROVED AND EXTENDED (Lincoln)
  7. Making the Case (My Version) (Lincoln)
  8. Coach David (David and Lynn)
  9. Best Friends Forever Club (Everybody)
  10. Driving Miss Hazy (My Version) (Leni)
  11. No Guts, No Glori (My Version) NEW AND IMPROVED (Lori)
  12. Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzzy (Lori)
  13. A Tale of Two Tables (My Version ) (Lincoln)
  14. The Sweet Spot (My Version) (Lincoln)
  15. Party David (Lori)
  16. A Night with Lily (David and Lily)
  17. Project Loud House (My Version) (Everybody)
  18. In Tent Debate (My Version) NEW AND IMPROVED (Lincoln's Sister) (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  19. Home Alone with... David (Everybody)
  20. Surprise! (David)
  21. Sound of Silence (My Version) (Lincoln)
  22. Space Invader (My Version) (Lynn)
  23. Motorcycle David (David and Clyde)
  24. Bad Hair Day (David, Luan, and Lana)
  25. Picture Perfect (My Version) (Lincoln)
  26. The Bet (A Different Version of Undies Pressure) (Lola and David)
  27. The Same Game (David)
  28. Linc or Swim (My Version) (Lincoln)
  29. Changing the Baby (My Version) (Lily)
  30. Flood of Imagination (Everybody)
  31. Sleuth or Consequencese (My Version) (Lincoln and Lucy)
  32. Butterfly Effect (My Version) (Lincoln)
  33. Hickety Up (Lana)
  34. Along Came a Sister (My Version) (Leni)
  35. Chorse and Peace (My Version) (Lincoln)
  36. Prank Caller (Luan and David)
  37. For Bros about to Rock (My Version) (Luna)
  38. It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House (My Version) (Everybody)
  39. Overnight Success (My Version) (Lincoln and David)
  40. Ties That Bind (My Version) (Everybody)

Season 2 Episodes and Stories

  1. Undercover David (Lola)
  2. Mom's Night Out (Rita)
  3. Toads and Tiaras (My Version) (Lola and Lana)
  4. Two Brothers and a Baby (My version of Two Boys and a Baby) (Lincoln, David, and Lily)
  5. System David (Everybody)
  6. Cover Girls (My Version) (Everybody)
  7. Save the Date (My Version) (Lori)
  8. The Bad Day (Everybody)
  9. Attention Deficit (My Version) (Lincoln, David, and Clyde)
  10. House Music (My Version) (Luna)
  11. Shorty Lincoln (Lincoln)
  12. A Novel Idea (My Version) (Lincoln, David, and Rita)
  13. April Fools Rules (My Version) (Everybody except Luan)
  14. Release the Bubblestone (Lincoln and David)
  15. A Day at the Beach (Everybody)
  16. Cereal Offender (My Version) (Lincoln) (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  17. Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru (My Version) (Lincoln)
  18. Millionaire Bubblestone (David)
  19. Upside Down (Everybody)
  20. Come Sales Away (My Version) (Everybody)
  21. Roughin' It (My Version) (Lincoln)
  22. Computer Virus (Lincoln and Lisa)
  23. The Loudest Yard (My Version) (Lincoln and Lynn)
  24. Raw Deal (My Version) (Lincoln and Lucy)
  25. The Chaperone (A Different Version of Dance, Dance, Resolution) (David)
  26. A Fair to Remember (My Version) (Lori)
  27. Space Mission (Lincoln, Clyde, Liam, Rusty, and Zach)
  28. One of the Boys (My Version)  (Lincoln)
  29. A Tattler's Tales (My Version) (Lola)
  30. Funny Bussiness (My Version) (Luan)
  31. Snow Board (My Version) (Lisa)
  32. The Price of Admission (My Version) (Lincoln)
  33. Study Muffins (My Version) (Lincoln)
  34. Homespun (My Version) (Everybody)
  35. One Flu Over the Loud House (My Extened Version) (Everybody)

Season 3 Episodes and Stories

  1. Loud a Leapin' (My Version) (Everybody and Mr. Grouse)
  2. Intern for the Worse (My Version) (Lincoln, Clyde, and David)
  3. The Old and the Restless (My Version) (Lincoln, David, and Albert)
  4. Embarrassed to Death (David)
  5. David's Australian BBQ (David)
  6. Baby Steps (My Version) (Clyde and Lincoln's Younger Sisters)
  7. Brawl in the Family (My Version) NEW AND IMPROVED (Lincoln's Sisters)
  8. Sour Milk (David and Lisa)
  9. The Loud Collectable (The Loud Family)
  10. Suite and Sour (My Version) (Everybody) (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  11. Back in Black (My Version) (Lucy)
  12. Davus Maximus (David)
  13. Doggy Day Afternoon (Lana and Charles)
  14. Making the Grade (My Version) (Lisa)
  15. Vantastic Voyage (My Version) (Lynn Sr.)
  16. David Roots (David)
  17. 1 Lincoln, 2 Lincoln, 3 Lincoln, 4 (Lincoln)
  18. Patching Things Up (My Version) (Lola and Lana)
  19. Cheater by the Dozen (My Version) (Bobby)
  20. On the Farm, He had a Cowbell (Lynn Sr.)
  21. Camp Out (Lincoln, David, and Lynn Sr.)
  22. Lock 'n' Loud (My Version) (Lynn Sr.)
  23. The Whole Picture (My Version) (Lincoln)
  24. The Baby Who Can Fly (Lily and Lana)
  25. No Such Luck (My Version) NEW AND IMPROVED (Lynn)
  26. Dinglie Danglie Doodle (A different version of Potty Mouth) (Lily)
  27. Comic Book Lincoln (David and Lincoln)
  28. Parallel Universe (David and Lincoln)
  29. Kick the Bucket List (My Version) (Lincoln, Clyde, and David)
  30. Party Down (My Version) (Lori)
  31. The Loud House Classic Theater (Everybody)
  32. Catch the Ice Cream Truck  (Lincoln and David)
  33. Silly Willy Day (Everybody)
  34. Fed Up (My Version) (Everybody)
  35. Shell Shocked (My Version) (Lincoln and Ronnie Ann) (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  36. Pulp Friction (My Version) (Lincoln, David, and Clyde)
  37. Amnesia (David)
  38. Frog Wild (My Version) (Lana)
  39. L is for Love (My Version) (Rita and Lynn Sr.)
  40. The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos (My Version) (Ronnie Ann and Bobby)

Season 4 Episodes and Stories

  1. Parade Loud (Lincoln and David)
  2. Trouble with Grown-Ups (Lynn Sr. and Rita)
  3. Out of the Picture (My Version) (Lincoln and Clyde)
  4. Room with a Feud (My Version) (Lincoln's Sister) (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  5. Davey McSmartypants (David)
  6. The Big Music Show (Everybody)
  7. Back Out There (My Version) (Lincoln)
  8. Spell It Out (My Version) (Lucy)
  9. Monster David (David and Lana)
  10. We Scream for Ice Cream (Everybody)
  11. Fool's Paradise (My Version) (Everybody except Luan)
  12. Job Insecurity (My Version) (Lynn Sr)
  13. David Ask Too Many Question (David)
  14. David Jacked (David)
  15. ARGGH! You for Real? (My Version) (Lincoln, Clyde, and David)
  16. Garage Banned (My Version) (Lori)
  17. Forest Ranger (Lincoln, Clyde, David, and Lynn Sr.)
  18. The Haunting of Royal Wood High (David and Lincoln's Older Sisters)
  19. Change of Heart (My Version) (Lori and Clyde)
  20. Health Kicked (My Version) (Rita and Lynn Sr.) (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  21. Bathroom Bad Luck (Lincoln and Lynn)
  22. Furture Tense (My Version) (Rita and Lynn Sr.)
  23. Lynner Takes All (My Version) (Lynn)
  24. Loud Babies (Lincoln's Older Sisters and 3 Younger Sisters)
  25. Yes Man (My Version) (Lincoln)
  26. No Laughing Matter (My Version) (Luan)
  27. Prank You Very Much (Luan and Lori)
  28. Goo Goo Grief (Luna)
  29. No Spoilers (My Version) (Leni)
  30. Legend (My Version) (Lincoln, David, and Lynn Sr.) (Note: This will be my version of the Legend of the Hidden Temple for the Father, Son, and Friend Game Show)
  31. Day for Night (Everybody)
  32. Mall of Duty (My Version) (Lincoln and his Young Sisters)
  33. Read Aloud (My Version) (Lola)
  34. Tricked (My Version) (Everybody)
  35. It's a Wonderful Life (Lincoln)
  36. The Crying Dame (My Version) (Lily)
  37. Anti-Social (My Version) (Lynn Sr.)
  38. Yes THANKYOUPlease (Lola)
  39. David on the Run Part 1 (David)
  40. David on the Run Part 2 (David)

Season 5 Episodes and Stories

  1. The Nosejob Job (Everybody)
  2. Pink is Yuk-a-Rooney (Lola) (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  3. Tripped (My Version) (Everybody)
  4. The Mr. Men Show Fanfictions or Not (Everybody)
  5. Oh Lisa, Lisa It's a Wired World (Lisa)
  6. White Hare (My Version) (Lincoln)
  7. Insta-gran (My Version) (Everybody)
  8. Lily is Having a Baby (Lily)
  9. Dinosaurs (Lincoln, Clyde, and David)
  10. Roadie to Nowhere (My Version) (Luna)
  11. A Fridge Too Far (My Version) (Lynn Sr.)
  12. Trash City (David and Lana)
  13. Dare Ya (Lynn)
  14. Selfie Improvement (My Version) (Lori)
  15. City Slickers (My Version) (Lincoln, David, Ronnie Ann, and Lori)
  16. Frat Chance (David and Lincoln)
  17. Black Beard Ghost (Lucy)
  18. Hit Fit (Lori)
  19. Fool Me Twice (My Version) (Everybody except Luan)
  20. Net Gain (My Version) (Lynn)
  21. Action Zero (David)
  22. Always Chasing Rainbow (Everybody)
  23. David from Another Planet (David)
  24. Pipes Dream (My Version) (Rita and Lynn Sr.) (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  25. Fandom Pain (My Version) (Lucy)
  26. Flood (Rita)
  27. Rita Her Right (My Version) (Rita)
  28. Teacher's Union (My Version) (David, Lincoln, and Clyde)
  29. Beauty and the Bubblestone (David and Ashley)
  30. Head Poet's Anxiety (My Version) (Lucy and Luan)
  31. Missed Connection (My Version) (Lori)
  32. Attack of the 50 Foot Fleegle (David)
  33. Deal Me Out (My Version) (David, Lincoln, and Clyde)
  34. Friendzy (A Different Version)
  35. Shop Girl (My Version) (Leni)
  36. Gown and Out (My Version) (Lola)
  37. Breaking Dad (My Version) (Lynn Sr. and Lily)
  38. Ruthless People (My Version) (Lincoln, David, Lori, Luna, Lynn, Lola, and Lynn Sr.)
  39. Any Given Sundae (My Version) (Lily)
  40. Cooked! (My Version) (Everybody)

Season 6 Episodes and Stories

  1. Dear Diary (David)
  2. Shark Attack (Lincoln)
  3. Scales and Justice (My Version) (Lana)
  4. Absent Minded (My Version) (Clyde)
  5. The Baby Who Can Fly: The Sequel (Lily)
  6. Merry Happiness Fun (David)
  7. Be Stella My Heart (My Version) (David, Lincoln, and their friends)
  8. Sitting Bull (My Version) (Lynn) (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  9. Duck Duck David (Lincoln, David, and Lynn Sr.)
  10. Alien Gladiator (Lincoln and David)
  11. Really Loud Music (My Version) (Luna)
  12. House of Lies (My Version) (Lisa)
  13. Escape from Bigfoot Island (David, Lincoln, Clyde, and Mr. Grouse)
  14. Sister Battle (Lori and Leni)
  15. Game Boys (My Version) (Clyde)
  16. Everybody Love Leni (My Version) (Leni)
  17. Monkey Business (David and Lincoln)
  18. Middle Men (My Version) (Lynn)
  19. Jeer for Fears (My Version) (Lincoln. David, and Clyde)
  20. Flushed in Space (David)
  21. Face Off (Lori, Luan, and David)
  22. Tea Tale Heart (My Version) (Lucy and Lola)
  23. The Loudest Thanksgiving (My Version) (Everybody and Casagrandes)
  24. Two Headed David (David)
  25. Predict Ability (My Version) (Lincoln)
  26. Driving Ambition (My Version) (Lori)
  27. Home of Faves (My Version) (Lynn Sr.)
  28. Racing Heart (My Version) (Luna)  (Feat. Luna and Sam 1515)
  29. Rocket Men (My Version) (Lincoln, Clyde, and David)
  30. We are Family (Everybody)
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