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"The Happy Colors Molly's Musical Birthday" (released as a "Molly's Big Musical" in Australia) was animation film by Walt Disney Pictures.


Shane tell us a story about Molly's Musical Birthday. It all begin in the United States where Ashley's dad "Tim Stanhopes" work in the office with her boss "Raven Agatha" who is Ashley's stepmother. Tim was sad because he's tired of working and shopping for food and clothing for Raven and paying her bills and want to do something different. Tim then drive around California and saw the beautiful rainbow called "Rainbow World" and Tim wonder what was at Rainbow World. He stop by the stage where a big music show was happening in Rainbow World with the Happy Colors and their friends.

Tim see the breakfast and it give him an idea of something different he want to do. Then Tim saw Ashley and hugged. They used to play together all the time until Tim got a job at Raven's boring office. After the concert, Catherine need help to invite everybody in Rainbow World for Molly's birthday. Randy and Raven got the invitation too but they don't like birthday parties since they're loud and not lazy. Randy got a plan to ruin Molly's birthday party and have Ashley be his wife so he and Raven go out and find their very own team.

Back in Rainbow World the Happy Colors were working on the Silly Ray for Molly's present and Felix got his own invention "The Energy Source Powerful 9,000". After they all did a silly dance the bubble blower become a silly ray. Then it was Randy and Raven's turn to ruin the day and make everyone sad and the Aggressive Smashers sing a song about how they'll ruin Rainbow World and Ashley's life. They get the idea to zap Planet Earth to make everyone gloomy and sleepy. The Happy Colors were preparing for the party but then they see zaps and it's making people all sad and gloomy and David notice this so he call Captain Terrific for help. They got to find a way to get everyone back to normal while Captain Terrific is on his way. The Schmuzzies were hiding in party hats to keep them from getting gloomy.

At the Rainbow World Park the Aggressive Smashers vacuum away the colors. The Happy Colors arrived and David had a plan to blast the bad guys away with the silly ray. They better be very quiet but Raven caught them. David shoot the Aggressive Smashers with the silly ray and they gone crazy. The bubbles didn't stop Randy and Raven so they run for their life. Shaun and Molly tickle people to get them back to normal and they look up in the sky and see Captain Terrific to cheer them up. The Happy Colors use their laughing powers to get everyone back to normal. Planet Earth turn normal and not gloomy anymore but Raven and Randy couldn't take it and took the silly ray. David sadly sing a song about losing Molly's gift. But Molly say she didn't need presents and just want David to be happy.

On the Rainbow World news it shows how the Happy Colors and Captain Terrific saved the world. The Happy Colors were still planning Molly's party even though Raven and Randy capture Tim and swiped Molly's present. Roger's happy heart malfunction and break and they have to fix it to make Roger do happy dance again. Miles help fix Roger's heart to make him dance again. They have to think of a way to make Roger's happy heart not malfunction. The rocket come with the mail and it's a brand new Happy Heart with a letter. Meanwhile the Aggressive Smashers want to deliver a rocket to the Happy Colors Clubhouse to make sure Roger doesn't do happy dance again. The rocket come with lightning strike and Roger lose all his happiness power and the Aggressive Smashers make Roger permanently unhappy.

While Ashley keep Molly company the Happy Colors go to the Music Sheet Room to make some music and make a song for Molly's new entertainment for her birthday. While the Happy Colors' friends blow the balloons Molly and Lolly want to do some flying together. Molly and Lolly fly together and have fun but Kate put the Ultra Balloon ray on Molly's diaper to make the diaper blow too big and fly all the way up the ground. The Aggressive Smashers were popping balloons and stealing presents. The Happy Colors had to get Molly out the sky. Out in outer space David's Mom and Dad look for Molly, Ashley and Roger Rabbit while the Happy Colors were on their rescue mission. The vortex suck the rocket and it went out of control.

They got into the big rocket and help got Molly unstuck and then her diaper deflate. Ashley try to untie her dad but her stepmother want her to marry Randy. Raven then admit she never like birthday parties because she never had birthday party and will not let any birthday party happen in the world ever again. The Happy Colors arrive and see the Aggressive Smashers have the Silly Ray so they use tickly pickle so they can get it without being caught. They all got a Happy Colorful Birthday to get to and David's Mom and Dad pass the vortex and make it back to Earth. Randy and Raven lost once again and Molly got her Silly Ray as a present and the Happy Colors had a song for her.

Everyone was at Molly's birthday party having fun, playing party games, music, and having BBQ. They were all having fun and even Shane come to the party in person and they all have the Mile High Tripple Ice Cream Oh-My-Gosh Cake. Then they hear a rumbling sound and it's the planet Earth getting pulled out of the solar system and close to the Gloomy World. Joe and Roger crash landed and have to find a way to pull the planet Earth back and they meet some aliens with scrambled Happy Colors names. The aliens help get the Earth back to the solar system in no time.

They got to get Ashley's stepmother's happy heart going. They can't give up, and must go on. If they believe they can do anything and they all try the best they can to pull the Earth back to the Solar System. Once the Earth is back in the Solar System Molly ask Raven acting silly if she want to go to the party and she say yes. Raven got a Happy Heart and change for the better. Molly had the best party and the Happy Colors were able to save the Earth. The Happy Colors saved Rainbow World and they all lived happily ever after.


  1. Tim Stanhopes
  2. The Happy Colors Theme Song (Movie Version)
  3. Important Meal
  4. Ashley's Song
  5. Everybody Dance
  6. The Happy Teddy Bear Song
  7. Raven Agatha
  8. Silliness are Powerful (Instrumental)
  9. Raven Agatha (Reprise)
  10. David's Lament
  11. Roger's Happy Dance (Instrumental)
  12. Happy Colorful Birthday
  13. Tickly Pickle
  14. Notes
  15. Rhythm
  16. Tempo
  17. Dynamics
  18. Molly, You're the Best
  19. Boom Boom Ain't It Great to be Crazy (Roger Rabbit Version)
  20. The Rainbow Cha Cha
  21. Happy Birthday to You
  22. Save the Earth
  23. Don't Give Up
  24. Party Time
  25. The Happy Colors Medley
  26. Molly, You're the Best (Feat. Lady Gaga)

DVD Menu

Main Menu

  • Play
  • Scene Selections
  • Special Features
  • Set-Ups
  • Sneak Peek
  • Disney Fast Play

Scene Selections

  1. Shane the Storyteller
  2. Tim Stanhopes
  3. The Big Music Show
  4. Ashley and Tim Reunite
  5. Raven Agatha
  6. The Super Silly Ray
  7. Blue and Gloomy
  8. Laughing the Gloomies Away
  9. Roger's Happy Heart
  10. Miles the Fixer Upper
  11. Happy Colorful Birthday
  12. Mail Rockets
  13. Tickly Pickle
  14. Music Sheet Room
  15. Notes
  16. Rhythms
  17. Tempo
  18. Molly, You're the Best
  19. Molly's BIG Inflatable Diaper
  20. Raven's Confession
  21. Happy Colors to the Rescue
  22. Roger is Happy Again
  23. Molly's Birthday Party
  24. Gloomy World
  25. Tug-a-War
  26. Eht Yphap Osorc
  27. Don't Give Up
  28. Blast Off
  29. Cheering Up Showdown
  30. Party Time
  31. One More Song
  32. End Credits

Special Features

  • Meet the Cast
  • Backstage at the Happy Colors
  • Music Video: Molly, You're the Best by Lady Gaga
  • Sing Along:
    • Don't Give Up
    • Molly, You're the Best
  • Funny Games:
    • The Happy Colors' Thingamajig Matching Game
    • Find Molly Trivia Game
  • Molly's Musical Birthday Trailer
  • Kids Commentary
  • Cast



  • English (USA)
  • English (AU)
  • Spanish
  • Chinses
  • Audio Commentary


  • English (USA)
  • English (AU)
  • Spanish
  • Chinses


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  • Billy Unger as David Bubblestone, Note #3, and Ivdda
  • Josh Green as Danny O'Reilley, Note #1, and Nanyd
  • Ashlee Fuss as Ashley Stanhopes, Note #5, and Hylsea
  • Leo Howard as Felix Newman, Note #6, and Elxif
  • Mateus Ward as Wally Barker, Note #4, and Alywl
  • Michaela Carrozzo as Ariel Bubblestone, Note #2, and Eirla
  • Brendan Fraser as Tim Stanhopes
  • Julia Roberts as Raven Agatha
  • Grey Delisle as Molly
  • Sam Marin as Roger Rabbit
  • Jenny Slate as Catherine
  • Tyrel Jackson William as Shaun the Lion
  • Alicyn Packard as Fana the Hippo
  • Tara Strong as Raymond the Kangaroo and Lolly
  • Tim Lagasses as Muppet (Puppeteer)
  • Tom Kenny as Muppet (Voice) and Jolly
  • The Schmuzzies
  • Jennette McCurdy as Ayla
  • Jason Lee as Lionel
  • Amy Adams as Sarah Bubblestone
  • Jerry Trainor as Joe Bubblestone and Tasmanian Devil
  • Eric Bauza as Marcus Bubblestone
  • Dylan Riley Snyder as Randy
  • Eddie Perino as Kevin
  • Bryce Gheisar as Larry
  • Sadie Calvano as Jackie
  • Zach Callison as Theodore
  • Ryan Ochoa as Andre
  • Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Kate
  • Jim Parsons as Shane the Storyteller
  • Chiara Zanni as Olly
  • Ashley Austin Morris as Polly
  • Oana Gregory as Blue Kitty
  • Landry Bender as Purple Rabbit
  • Darren Norris as Captain Terrific
  • Amanda Bynes as Trixie Trila
  • Sterling Beaumon as Miles
  • Phil Collins as G-Clef