(Lynn Sr. is selling balloons)

Lynn Sr: Oh goodness my first customer. Hello Luan what would you like me to make

Luan: I would like an animal horns

Lynn Sr: Animal? Horns? For your head?

Luan: Yes Dad, I like to have animal horns like a bull

Lynn Sr: Wouldn't you prefer something more friendly

Luan: Okay. I'll have an animal horns that is a cow

Lynn Sr: Ok (blows the balloon and ties them) Tada! Horns

(Luan put on the horn and act like a bull)

Lynn Sr.: (Scream)

Luan: (Laugh) I knew you fall for that

(Then Marcus come)

Marcus: Hello Mr. Loud

Lynn Sr.: Hello Marcus. What would you like me to make

Marcus: I want a balloon animal

Lynn Sr.: Animal. Could it be a puppy?

Marcus: A ferocious lion! (Roars)

Lynn Sr.: L-L-Lion?! Okay. (as he started blowing the balloon)

Marcus: Wait! I want an alligator

Lynn Sr.: A-A-Alligator?! Are you sure you don't want a puppy?

Marcus: No! I want a man eating alligator

(Lynn Sr. keep blowing the balloon)

Marcus: Wait! I want a dinosaur instead

Lynn Sr.: Dinosaur?!

Marcus: Yep! With sharp pointy claws

(Lynn Sr. blow up the balloon and it's overinflating)

Marcus: Wait!

(The balloon popped)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming) THAT'S IT! I QUIT! (as he run away)

Marcus: I should've just taken the puppy

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