Lynn Sr: Oh isn't this nice? I wanted to visit the giant pine tree forest and here I am. Only there are tall trees that block out moonlight making it dark. I know I have a

(The tree poke Lynn Sr)

Lynn Sr: Who's there? Silly that tree branch wasn't tapping me on the shoulder

(An acorn bopped Lynn Sr.'s head)

Lynn Sr: I definitely felt something this time!

(Lynn Sr. climb on top of the rock)

Lynn Sr: Oh no no no no no no no I'm surrounded!

Felix: Mr. Loud!

Lisa: Me and Felix just wanted to welcome you to Tiny Pines Vacation Cabins

Felix: If there anything that we can do to make you comfortable

Lynn Sr: Vacation's over! (as he drive away)

Lisa: Some people are a mystery Newman. Some people are a mystery

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