Catherine: Presenting Molly at her amazing loop de loop

Molly: Thank you, Cat! My assistant Ayla is going to choose the lucky audience to do all this stunt with me

(Ayla go to Lily in the audience)

Lily: Goo Goo!

Ayla: You want to ride Lily? Thank you

Lily: (Giggles)

Molly: Ready for the thrill ride of your life

Lily: Ga ga!

(Lily got on the motorbike with Molly and Molly drive the motorbike and went around the motorbike multiple times and go up the ramp and they flew through the roof)


Catherine: Wasn't that amazing? Let's hear it for Molly and Lily Loud!

Ayla: Do you think they're coming back

Catherine: Doubt it. Looks like we'll have to add another clown act

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