(David came to the hotel and ring the bell)

Leni: Welcome to the Rainbow World Hotel! How may I help you?

David: G'Day, Leni! I would like a room please

Leni: Lucky for you the hotel is full of rooms. And monkeys

(The monkeys started monkeying around grabbing David's suitcase)

David: No no! That's okay. I can carry my own

Leni: Let them take it. It gives them something to do

(The Monkeys started making mess in David's suitcase)

David: But that's my suitcase

Leni: Ok now let's get you checked in. Name please

David: David Bubblestone

(Leni type it)

Leni: And name please

David: David Bubblestone. D-A-V-I...

Leni: Oh please, David Bubblestone. I know how to spell. (keeps typing) Middle initial?

David: I don't have one. Now about my...

Leni: Alright then here you go

(Leni give David a mop and a duck and a kettle)

David: Why do I need these?

Leni: Here at our hotel we believe in serving our customers everything

David: But all I need is a room

Leni: So you don't want the duck

David: No

Leni: Then I'm afraid you have to return the kettle too. But you can keep the mop as our gift to you

David: Well, Thank you. It's a very nice mop

Leni: You're telling me! Enjoy your stay at Rainbow World Hotel

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