(Lola is washing her princess kiddie car)

Lana: Hi Lola. What are you doing?

Lola: What does it look like I'm doing?! I'm washing my princess car!

Lana: For real?

Lola: Yes. For real

Lana: Why would anyone watch a car. I mean you'll leave it outside and it'll get dirty

Lola: I enjoy the clean and sparkling clean kiddie car

Lana: Next you'll be washing your shrubs and your fence

Lola: I don't have a shrubs and a fence

Lana: Ok. See ya

Lola: (Sigh) She may be my twin sister but she know how to upset me

(Birds poop on Lola's kiddie car)

Lola: (Screaming) MY CAR!

Lana: See? What'd I tell you

Lucy: Oh dear. It's dirty alright when I predict in my crystal ball

Lola: Hello Lucy how can I help you

Lucy: I don't need any help

Lana: I told Lucy you were washing the car

Lucy: You know your car get clean temporary and it gonna get dirty again

Lola: Well some people take pride in cleanliness while others take pride in filth

Lana: Well, We're twins

Lola: Will you both please let me get back to my cleaning unless you want to lend a hand

(Lana and Lucy run away)

Lola: Some people think don't appreciate beauty

(The penguins come and drop sardines on the car)

Lola: (Gasped) PENGUINS!

(They drop sardines on the car)


(The penguins jump off)

Lisa: Interesting. She's cleaning the car by hands

Felix: That is a lot of work

Lisa: How true

Lola: Don't you have better things to do than stand there and watch someone clean the car

Lana: Not really

Felix: Why don't you just go downtown to the drive thru carwash. It's a lot easier

Lisa: Not to mention thrilling

Lola: Drive thru car wash? This car is my princess car and I treat it with the utmost of care

(Leni drove a monster truck and destroy the princess car)

Leni: Oops! Sorry, Lola

Lola: MY CAR!

Lisa: Look on the bright side, Now there less to clean

Lola: (Crying)

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