(Rita and David are staying up late watching Marcus' TV Show)

Marcus: (on TV) (Laughing)

David: It's gonna be so scary. That's why we're staying up late and watch the show in the living room

Marcus: (on TV) Welcome to Marcus' Late Night Scare Fest! I'll be showing you some classic scares with my assistant Raymond. Raymond? I bet he's wearing my scary masks without my permission. Raymond?

Raymond: You call Marcus

Marcus: AAAAAH!!! (chair falls down)

David and Rita: (Screaming)

(Raymond was bouncing)

Marcus: That was fantastic Raymond! But I do the scaring around here! It's called Marcus' Late Night Scare Fest not Raymond's Late Night Scare Fest

Rita: This is scary

David: I'll say. You got more butter for the popcorn

Rita: Shhh. I'm trying to listen

Raymond: (on TV) All of Rainbow World knows that you are the queen of fright. Marcus, your masks are ready

Marcus: Excellent! Bring them to me

(Raymond come out and put on a mask)

Marcus: AAAAAH!!! (chair falls down)

(David throw the popcorn at the TV)

David and Rita: (Screaming)

(Raymond was still bouncing)

Marcus: Raymond, stop playing around

David: That's even scarier

Rita: It certainly is

David: (to himself) If only Molly is with me to protect me

(Raymond was still bouncing)

Marcus: You're ruining my show

Raymond: I'm sorry Marcus!

(Raymond jump out the window)

Raymond: Wheeeeee! Goodbye

(Marcus close the window)

Marcus: Glad that's over. Now it's time for some real scares! Come closer!

Rita: (Panting)

(David try to open another bag of popcorn but too hard and it exploded)

David and Rita: (Screaming)

Rita: David!

David: Oh my

Rita: Change the channel if you're this scared! Quickly

David: I CAN'T FIND THE REMOTE! (Screaming)

Rita: This is the last time I watch television with you!

(Then David change the channel)

Ashley: Shuffle step, tap tap, change feet, tap tap, there you go, tap tap

(David and Rita are puzzled)

David: If it's okay with Mrs. Louds, I'm going to bed

Rita: Yes please do. Goodnight

(David go upstairs to his room)

David: Guess there was nothing to be afraid of. It's only TV

(David went to sleep)

(Then David heard Raymond bouncing from outside)

David: What was that?

(David look out the window and see Raymond with the mask bouncing)

David: (Screaming) MOMMY!

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