Lana: It's somewhere in that swamp girls. The legendary Rainbow World swamp creature

Ayla: That's scary

Lana: Yep it is! That monster even bit off my propellor

Lori: You two are wasting our bedtime! There's no such thing as a swamp creature

Lana: I know that monster's in here and it only comes out at night

Ayla: Lana, What do you want me to do?

Lana: Help me catch that thing

Ayla: Okay. I'll try

(Ayla put the monster bait in the water)

Lori: Do you think the swamp creature will come out with your stupid worms

Lana: Best not to talk. It won't come out if there's noise

Ayla: (Whisper) She got a point, Lori

Lori: I know it doesn't exist. This is just made up

Lana: I'm telling you Lori! I saw the thing with my own eyes!

Lori: Are you sure you didn't see a frog

Lana: I do like frogs but it's not a frog!

(Ayla notice something in the water)

Ayla: Uh, Lana?

(The swamp creature come out)

Lana: It's not a duck! It's a Swamp Creature!

(The swamp creature eat the bucket)

Lori: It's literally fake!

Lana: Would you stop telling it's fake!

Lori: I shouldn't known better to come with you!

Ayla: Uh you might want to turn around

Lori: Don't interrupt Ayla! Lana and I are having discussion who is completely wrong!

(Then the swamp creature grab Lana by the hair and bring her underwater)

Ayla: Oh no. It real nice knowing ya

Lori: Where'd she go off to

Ayla: I was trying to tell you...

Lori: Well, Whatever. Let's go home and go to...

(The swamp creature come by with Lana on the stomach of it)

Lori: (Gasped) Lana! It's the swamp creature!

Lana: See?! I told you!

(The swamp creature splash around and Lana got out of the creature. Lori, Lana, and Ayla are all wet)

Lana: Whoa! What a trip.

(Lori shake it)

Lori: Sorry I doubted you

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