Ariel: There is a sandwich thief in the forest

Catherine: Not just anyone. Those were bear prints

Raymond: Bears?

Lynn Sr.: BEARS?! NO NO NO!

Catherine: Don't worry. We'll set up a trap and get that bear away

Lynn Sr.: No! We should not! We'll become dinner!

Catherine: We're park rangers. This is part of our job

(Later, Lynn Sr. is dressed as a bear)

Lynn Sr: I don't know about this

Rita: Don't worry. You'll be very attractive to other bears and they think you're on of them

Lynn Sr: Can I have a sandwich

Catherine: After we catch the bear

Lynn Sr: This job sounds too scary

Catherine: Don't worry. When you saw a bear, You call me on the walkie talkie.

Lynn Sr.: (Sigh) Okay

(Lynn Sr near the tree in bear costume)

Lynn Sr: Hmmm. It seem quiet. Too quiet

Ariel: Oh my gosh! Look! Over there!

Raymond: Let's get out of here! (as he and Ariel run)

Lynn Sr.: What was that?

(Ariel got the walkie talkie)

Ariel: You'll never guess what we just saw!

Lynn Sr.: (Whimper) I thought I heard bears

(The bear came to Lynn Sr and he saw the bear)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming as he run)

Catherine: Come in Mr. Loud. Mr. Loud? I think he is too scared to answer

(Then she stopped and see the bear and thought it's Lynn Sr)

Catherine: Mr. Loud get in the truck. The real bear was spotted and we have to get him

(The bear follow Catherine and got in the truck)

Catherine: Here's the plan. We find the bear and put him to sleep for a while, then relocate him in the woods

(The real Lynn Sr. run to the cave to hide)

Catherine: There's the bear!

(Catherine injected Lynn Sr)

Catherine: That'll put him to sleep

Lynn Sr.: (Snoring)

Catherine: Mr. Loud give me a hand with the bear

(Later, They went back to the tree)

Catherine: One of us should stay to make sure the bear is ok

(The bear hugged Lynn Sr.)

(Lynn Sr took the bear suit off)

Lynn Sr: Great nap

Bear: (Screaming as he run)

Lynn Sr: Another problem solved with quick thinking. Oh well. (as he eat the sandwich)

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