(David, Ashley, Lola, and Lana playing volley ball in the pool and Lola hit the ball and David try to catch it but missed it)

Lana: Nice serve, Lola!

Lola: Of course it was

(Lily was swimming deep under. Then Ashley hit the ball to Raymond)


Ashley: Oops. Wrong way and Raymond is liking the he want to play too

Lola: If me and Lana get this next point we'll win

Ashley: That makes us the loser.

David: There are no losers in Rainbow World, Ashley. Only winners

(Lily pooped in the pool)

Lily: Poo Poo

(Lori blow the whistle)


Lola: What do you say we call it a game

David: Wonderful idea

Ashley: I'm with you

Lana: Count me in

(They all left the pool)

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