David: We're here today to celebrate the good ship Rainbow World as it sets sail on its very first trip

Ashley: Where's Leni?

David: Ashley informed me we're waiting on Leni to bring the bottle of fizzy pop which will break on the bow of the ship to wish it good luck

Ashley: I wonder where she is

Leni: Here I am! Sorry I'm late I went to the wrong dock

David: But this is the only dock in Rainbow World

Leni: Well I know that now

David: Did you bring the fizzy pop? The bottle of fizzy pop

Leni: Doesn't ring a bell

Ashley: The fizzy pop you went to buy at the mall

Leni: Ah! That fizzy pop! Sure! I got it right there somewhere

(Leni look in her suitcase)

Leni: Turkey. Tooth floss. Watermelon

Leni: I left the fizzy pop at the store. I don't suppose you could use the turkey

Ashley: I don't think the turkey doesn't like that

Leni: Then use the watermelon. He won't mind

Ashley: Don't you think the watermelon will explode

Leni: Wait! He does mind! My mistake. Sorry

David: Well, We can't officially named the ship without a bottle

(Ayla arrives)

David: It's Ayla. How wonderful

Ayla: You forgot your fizzy pop

David: Ayla has saved the day

Lynn: Alright, Time to break it!

David: We're here today to name the Good Ship Rainbow World as it sets off on its maiden voyage. Long may she sail

(Lynn break the bottle and the ship started sailing)

David: That's all the time we have for today on...


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