(Lincoln and Catherine are heading to the Happy Colors Basement to fix the light)

Catherine: I appreciate you coming over to change my lightbulb

Lincoln: It's terrible to be in the dark and David is scared of the dark.

Catherine: The light is over the stairs. Did I mention that

Lincoln: No. I don't think you did

Catherine: It's that bulb right there

Lincoln: What's down there?

Catherine: The basement. Can you reach the lightbulb

Lincoln: Okay. I'll try but hold onto me so I won't fall

Catherine: If you stand on the handrail I'll hold you

(Lincoln stand on the handrail and try to reach for the lightbulb)

Catherine: You know, I think it will be easier with the ladder

Catherine release Lincoln and he fall down the stairs)

Lincoln: OW OW OW OW! I found the rake

(Then Catherine put a ladder)

Catherine: Here's a new lightbulb

(Lincoln twist the light)

Catherine: Wait! That's not the new light bulb! The one is broken. I better get a new one

(Catherine release the ladder)

Lincoln: NO NO NO NO NO NO DANG IT! WHOOOOOOOA! (Crash) Found your rusty shovel

Catherine: Thanks Lincoln

(Then Catherine move Lincoln there with the truck)

Lincoln: Okay. That should do it

(Lincoln twist the light in)

Lincoln: Flip the switch Catherine. Let there be light

(But Catherine pull the lever and Lincoln fall)

Lincoln: OW! I SAID LIGHT! OW! Found the giant spider

Catherine: Thanks Lincoln! Lincoln? Hey, what's this switch go to

(Then the other light went on)

Catherine: I forgot about that other light! I guess I don't need the lightbulb changed after all

Lincoln: Good to know Cat

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