(Wally push Roger in a wheelchair)

Wally: Here you go Roger

Roger: Thanks Wally. Who did you say was coming to take me home

Wally: Leni Loud

Roger: I should've called a cab

Wally: Don't worry. Leni is a trained professional

(Then Leni come and honk the horn)

Leni: Sorry I'm late. I had to return a wrench to a monkey

Wally: Take good care of yourself Roger

(Penguins come out of the car)

Leni: See ya fellas! Here you go Roger

(Roger get in the car and the air bag poofed)

Roger: OW!

Leni: Good to know. Those works

(Leni pop the airbag then start driving. Then they approach the red light)

Roger: Red light!

Leni: Oh, I love this game! (as she cover her eyes)

Roger: No, no, hands on wheel! Truck!

(Catherine drive the truck)

Roger: (Screaming)

(They drive through the chicken coop)


Leni: I usually help pick up hitchhikers but who can refuse a chicken

Roger: OW! IT HURT!

Leni: Or who can refuse the Schmuzzies

(Then the tire pops)

Roger: (Screaming)

(They headed towards the ramp)

Molly: Uh oh!

Roger: (Screaming)

(The flew up and down to the parking and now they're at the Happy Colors Clubhouse)

Leni: Well, your home

Roger: (Sigh) Thank goodness

(Leni drive the car into the pole)

Leni: Oops!

(Then the pole hit Roger to the ground)

Roger: Ow!

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