(Lincoln was watching the TV and he's watching ARRGH)

(The phone rings and he answer the phone)

Lincoln: Hello?

Ariel: Is this Lincoln

Lincoln: Of course it's me, Ariel. Lincoln Loud

Ariel: Since it's Lionel's birthday today, I thought about taking him out for his party tonight

Lincoln: I would come but there is a problem. I can't decide what gift to give him

Ariel: You're not ready yet?

Lincoln: Not yet. I'll think about if I'm ready or not

Ariel: Ok. Let me know when you are ready. Bye

(Lincoln started thinking until Wally arrived)

Wally: Hello Lincoln! I brought you Lionel's gifts

Lincoln: What gift is this?

Wally: A Monkey Mop 3000. A mop so simple a monkey can use it

Lincoln: First, Lionel do enjoy cleanliness and second, Monkeys can be naughty

(Lincoln went back to the TV. Then Wally pop out from the window)

Wally: How about pine scented floor cleaner? A key to a safe? A bag of birdseed?

Lincoln: No. No. And no. I just want a gift for Lionel that is really special.

Wally: Hang on, I'll be right back.

Lincoln: Okay

(Wally come with a marching band)

Lincoln: (Gasped)

Wally: Since you didn't like any of my other presents for him I brought you the marching band. Because who doesn't love a marching band on their birthday

Lincoln: He'll love it! I guess I can go to the birthday party after all!

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