(The story continue, Mr. Green drive to the warehouse and dragged David's ear)

David: This really not the ice cream factory!

Mr. Green: Your ice cream days are over my friend!

David: You are not my friend because you're real bad!

Mr. Green: I'm gonna grind you into a million tiny piece of blood! Do you hear that sound?!

David: Uhh... No.

Mr. Green: Dang it! Turn on the chipper!

(The man got up)

Mr. Green: You got 1 job. Come on

(Then the man turn on the wood chipper. Just then, Lincoln arrived)

Lincoln: I know that sound! It sound like someone punching someone's in a gut! (as he wink)

David: Lincoln, This is not time for winking! We are are in trouble! (realize) Wait! I just had an idea. (as he started tickling) TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE!

Mr. Green: (Laughing)

(Lincoln and David started running and David came back)

David: One more thing. (as he punch Mr. Green's gut)

Mr. Green: OW!

David: Let's hide!

(Meanwhile, Mr. Green started finding David)

Mr. Green: You can't hide forever you little brat! You're only making it worse on yourself. Actually, It doesn't matter. I'm gonna shred you the easier way.

(When Mr. Green left, Lincoln and David come out of the janitor closet)


Lincoln: Yes we will! Try to think that you can believe anything

David: Okay. I'll think that we'll be all safe and sound. BUT I'M SAYING THAT WE'RE NOT SAFE AT ALL! (Gasped) It look like this is the end of the old David man! I can see the light flashing before my eyes! The bright light! The DANGER DANGER DANGER!

Lincoln: That's not your life, that's the sign.

(It's just the sign)

David: Oh. It is a sign. Lincoln, I want you to promise me. If we get out of here, We'll live together life of the awesome-est.

Lincoln: Promise.

David: Well, I got my clipboard.

Lincoln: There's not time right now. We need to get out of here. (Get an idea) Take off your clothes.

David: Hey! That's not part of the promise!

(But he looked at the clipboard)

David: Oh. There it is.


Lincoln: Mr. Green, We give up! You win!

Mr. Green: I won?! Really?!

(Lincoln hold up a fake David doll)

David's Underpants.png

Lincoln: [mimic David] Duh, I'm David. I'm going to the woodchipper

(The real David in his underwear is finding a way to get out of here)

Lincoln: [mimic David] Your job is too smart for me, Mr. Green

Mr. Green: That's right! I am smart! I am smarter than my brother Robbie. He's disgusting and plus feet. Ewww

(The real David press the button)

Lincoln: Okay, David. Time for the chipper.

(Then the real David been hanging up and got a wedgie)

Lincoln: Oh dear.

(David try to let himself go)

Lincoln: Mr. Green, Can I have a moment alone to say goodbye?

Mr. Green: Fine.

Lincoln: David, It's so hard to put into words what it's meant to have a friends like you...

(Then the real David is unwedgie and run out of here)

Lincoln: (Quickly) So why even try? Nice knowing you. (as press the button) Goodbye. (as throw the fake David in the woodchipper)


Lincoln: NO! DAVID! WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY! [Calmly] Well, See ya. (as he leaves)

(The next morning back at the Loud House)

David: And that's the whole story about the huge problem and Lincoln save me and brought me home safe and sound.

Rita: That's unbelievable! Especially, You caught yourself in your underwear screaming WEDGIE WEDGIE!

David: And I appreciate you and Mr. Loud digging them out for me.

Lynn Sr.: That's what parents do. I'm glad you and Lincoln are safe.

David: Really? That means so much to me.

Lori: Good story. Now if you excuse us, We have other things to do

(The family left the living room and Lincoln came in)

Lincoln: (Sigh) It's good to be home. Time for our lives to get back to normal. (as he play video game)

(But David stopped him)

David: Lincoln, There is no more normal! You promised. We'll live together of the life of the awesome-est! Speaking of which, I better check the list.

(David pick up the clipboard)

David: #1. Pull a prank with Luan. And the prank will be replace the unexpired milk with very expired.

(Lola came drinking expired milk and she spit it out)

Lola: (Screaming as she run)

(Luan pop out)

Luan: Check! Good prank, David!

David: Thank you. #2. Make a masterpiece with Lily.

(David and Lily paint the picture of the them flying around in the magical place)

Lily: (Giggles)

David: You have fun painting but you can't color inside the lines? (as he show him the scribbled)

(Just then, There's a knock on the door of Shave and a Haircut)

David: (Singing) Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits!

(Then Lincoln answer the door and...)

Mr. Green: Hello Lincoln!

Lincoln: (Scream)

Mr. Green: You need to complete a customer satisfaction survey. How would you rate my survey?

Lincoln: You mean hunting down and destroying my best friend?

Mr. Green: Yes. Ten being the best. One being the worst.

(Then he looked at the painting)

Mr. Green: Wow, Your little sister's painting is really nice and why is there two Davids?

Lincoln: She make another David and she had it done for David's memorial service.

(Then Lori came in and about to run to the bathroom)

Lori: David! Luan! What did you do to the milk?! (Gag as she run)

Mr. Green: Is Lori talking to the painting? And Luan is not in the painting

Lincoln: Of course she's not in the painting. My family will be sad that David is gone.

Mr. Green: Maybe I should attend Memorial Service. Pay up to make my job is done. When is it?

Lincoln: Uh... Later?

Mr. Green: Okay. Later. (as he leaves)

Lincoln: What just happen?! Now I have to plan a Memorial Service!

David: What am I gonna do?

Lincoln: I want you to go my room and lay low. Got it.

David: Okay. (as he go to Lincoln's room)

(At Outside of the backyard, The family are here for the service and Lincoln arrived)

Lincoln: Lori, Put the phone away. Leni, Look sadder. Luna, A little memorial music?

Luna: You got it, Bro. (as she play the organ)

Lincoln: Luan, Say your prayer. Lynn, Take a deep breath. Lucy, Will you do the honor?

Lucy: Sure thing.

Lincoln: Lana and Lola, Hold hands together. Lisa, Did you got the ingredient right?

Lisa: Yes.

Lily: (Whine) Davy.

Lincoln: There there Lily. David is still alive. It's just pretend memorial service. It's the only way that Mr. Green will leave us alone. (as he sit down with her)

Lucy: And so my brothers and sisters, Let us not weep because David is gone. But instead let us celebrate because his spirit will stay with us forever. Thank you.

Mr. Green: Well, This memorial service is real good, kids. Real good. I'll leave you all the morning peace.

(Just then, David came out in a disguise as a girl)

David: (Girly Crying) [in girl tone] WHY DID HE HAVE TO LEAVE ME?! WE STILL HAVE SO MUCH LIFE TO LIVE TOGETHER?! (Crying)

Lincoln: Oh. There there there. Let it all out. (Whisper) What are you doing?

David: (Whisper) No one will recognize me in disguises. (Continue Crying) [in girl tone] You're a great great man. As a matter a fact, I want all the people say something about my David.

(Then David disguise as a southern millionaire)

David: [In Southern accent] David was the only gentleman I ever met that made me put down my sweet tea and say "I want to be that man"

(Then David disguise as Phil Collins)

David: Here's the music for David's Memorial Service.


You'll Be In My Heart

(David as Phil Collin play the music "You'll Be in My Heart")

Mr. Green: Wow. I never knew people touch some many lives. Here come the waterworks. [Sobs] Oh, God.

(Later, The Memorial service is over as Lincoln and David clean up)

Lincoln: Well, We finally got rid of Mr. Green. Now it's... I mean, live together of the life of the awesome-est.

David: Good. (as he grabbed the list) There's #20. Make sure Mr. Green doesn't find out about the fake David Lincoln made because it made out of stuff with fluff. Wait! Stuff with Fluff?! Lincoln, Are you crazy!?

Lincoln: David, Calm down. It's the only way to make you safe.

David: Yes. I'm safe and sound but what if he found out that fake David is stuffed with fluff instead of real me! What am I gonna do?! I need help!

(At Gus's Games and Grubs,)

David: I call you all here that I'm having a panic attack about Mr. Green.

(He called Lola, Mr. Grouse, and Clyde)

Mr. Grouse: You do know I have grown-up things to do. Although, I also have to take care of my garden.

Clyde: Maybe should do something that Mr. Green won't find you again.

David: You know, There was guy is a good spy and never blew up a cover.

Mr. Grouse: It was you wasn't it?

David: I said never blew up a cover. What am I gonna do so Mr. Green won't find me again.

Clyde: You could be like Dr. Lopez.

David: (Buzz) I know about medical school, but I don't know anything about writing problems.

Mr. Grouse: Maybe you can obey other people so you'll be a good gentleman.

David: (Buzz) No.

Lola: Maybe you can change your identity.

David: (Gasped) Lola, You're a genius!

Clyde: Are you sure it's a good idea?

David: She's absolutely sure. Now who can help me to change my identity.

Clyde: You can talk to Dr. Lopez

David: (Buzz) I told you, I don't know anything about writing problem.

Clyde: Sorry.

Mr. Grouse: Maybe you should talk to Flip.

David: (Buzz) No No!

Lola: You should talk to Lori.

David: (Gasped) Lola, You're on fire today!

(Back at the Loud House, David is at Lori and Leni's Room and Lori is helping him)

Lori: First, You need to change your name. Let's see the names in the baby book. Alex, Baxter, Cece, Daniel, Eric, Foley...

David: Isn't there any names that it need to change?

Lori: Hmm. How about Brendan?

David: Great name! But how many gonna be different?

Lori: Well, You need to dress up fancy.

(Later, David or Brendan for now is all dressed up fancy)


Brendan: Now I looked different!

Lori: Are you sure you want to change? I mean, David is perfect name for everyone.

Brendan: David is a perfectly boring name. Brendan is a bazillion time better

Lori: Okay. Whatever you say Brendan but you will always be David to me.

(In the Living room, The Louds are surprised)

Lincoln: Whoa

Luna: Dude!

Leni: OMGosh! You look so.. fancy.

Brendan: Thank you

Lana: But why are gonna change yourself

Luan: Yeah? Nothing will be the same

David: Don't worry. I will stiff have fun watching you guys doing what you're doing and even you Lily. I can even watch fly.

Lily: Fly fly!

Lincoln: I don't know about that.

(Just then, Lynn Sr. arrived at the house.)

Lynn Sr.: Kids, I'm home and... Wow! Someone is looking snappy.

Brendan: Yep. Brendan is in the house but David does not live here anymore

Lynn Sr.: WHAT?! David moved away. He didn't even say goodbye? (Crying)

Brendan: No no no! Don't cry! I'm still here! (as he take off the fake mustache and the the glasses) It's me see? It just my name has changed. I change my identity and from now just call me Brendan.

Lynn Sr.: Oh. I see.

Brendan: What's that in your hand?

Lynn Sr.: It's a package.

Brendan: That one is mine.

Lynn Sr.: Oh! I can't give it to you Brendan. It does have the right address but the name should David Bubblestone.

Brendan: But but... It's mine! (as he grabbing the package)

Lynn Sr.: No no. This for David!

Brendan: No, It's mine! Really!

Lincoln: Dad, It's for David!

Brendan: It's mine!

Sisters: It's for David!

Brendan: It's mine!

Lynn Sr.: Give it to me!

Brendan: No it's mine!

(The Louds and Lynn Sr started fighting over David's package and the Rita came here)

Rita: Everyone! What's going on here?!

(The Louds started arguing about the package and it's getting out of hand)

Rita: EVERYONE, THAT'S ENOUGH! Now come on. Let's all sit down on the couch before someone loses their minds.

(The Louds sit down on the couch)

Rita: Now since we're all comfortable, What is all the fighting about?

Lynn Sr.: Well, I can't give the package to Brendan because it will break the rule of delivery

Brendan: Well, I change my identity and my name to fancy Brendan so Mr. Green won't find me again and destroy me

Rita: David. I know you don't want to be destroyed but do you see Mr. Green anywhere?

Brendan: No

Rita: Good. The name David is a fine name. A name of a boy is a good guy

Lori: Yes. He's kind

Leni: Fashionable

Luna: Cool

Luan: Funny

Lynn: Brave

Lincoln: Awesome

Lucy: Good

Lana and Lola: Friendly

Lisa: Smart

Lily: Weety

Lynn Sr.: That's why he's David Bubblestone

David: Brendan isn't very me is it?

(The Loud shook their head no)

David: I'm proud of who I am. And my indemnity is simple as that and I can be proud of it too. Lincoln, His sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Loud, I decided to go back to being DAVID BUBBLESTONE! Can I have my package now?

Lynn Sr.: Why certainly!

(David got the package and when he opened it up, All the surprised are everywhere with confetti and balloons flew out of the box)

Louds: (Cheered)


Ooh It's Captain Feathersword

(Then David play the music Ooh It's David Bubblestone Based on Ooh It's Captain Feathersword)


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