(One day, David is playing video game and the Lincoln came in)

Lincoln: David? There you are. Listen, I don't mean to alarm you but I have some bad news. Try not to freak out.

David: Why do I have to freak out? I can handle anything. Wait a minute. (Gasped) WE'RE OUT OF PIZZA?! WHY LINCOLN?! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING OR WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! (Screaming)

Lincoln: Calm down! We're not out of pizza.

David: Oh. Phew

Lincoln: We got an email from Build-a-Milford. It seem like there's a problem with you. Foul odors.

David: (Burp)

Lincoln: Eww. Some emit smoke

(David lift his shirt to release smoke)

Lincoln: It's that smoke?!

David: Chill Lincoln. I've been to sauna and I got a little tan

(Just then, Lola came in)

Lola: I got good news and bad news. The bad news is that David is being recalled. The good news is that I made the magic doll that is like David

David: Pish posh. Like a doll could make me do...

(Lola put the doll in the water)

David: (Gargling)

(Lola pull the doll out of the water and David spit it out)

David: (Coughing) Nope, I still don't believe that a doll...

(Lola throw the doll and David flew)

David: Whoooooa! (as he hit on the wall) Ooooh! Ouch!

Lola: It's terrible that David is being recalled! What are you doing to do with him, Lincoln?

Lincoln: I better take him somewhere to get him fixed.

(At Milford Recall Center, Everyone are in lines with their imaginary friends)

Lori: Mom said I needed to supervise you guys, so I'll be at the mall.

(The lady came to Lincoln with the clipboard)

Lincoln: Do I have the fill in my address?

(The lady sternly nod her head)

Lincoln: She does not like wearing chicken hat.

David: Did you say chicken hat? I want to wear that!

(But then a little girl came with the new imaginary friend)

Lincoln: Wait. Those are new imaginary friends. I thought they were fixing it. I better go tell her.

David: Ask about the chicken hat. I'll work on my pecking (as he pecking)

Lincoln: Hi, This is the line where I can get my imaginary friends repaired, right?

Lady: Better. We're giving you a brand new buddy! Plus, You're previous buddy get to go to the happy place!

(The man put the imaginary friends in the Happy Place but when he press the button, It sounded like a wood chipper)

Lincoln: That does not sound happy! That sound very unhappy!

Lady: Chuck, We have a happy situation out here.

Lincoln: David, We have a big problem!

David: What? (Gasped) They're out of chicken hat?! Awwwwww. But I was so good at pecking and laying an egg too.

Lincoln: Let's get out of here. (as he take David)

(Back at the Loud House,)

Lincoln: My family have to believe you're fixed, so let's get our story straight

David: Let's see. Poor kid trade his cow for magic beans, Climb the beanstalk and meet the giants.

Lincoln: How's this. I took you to the Milford Warehouse. They fixed you. Now you're all better.

David: Okay.

Lincoln: Now we better put the cone on you so they believe you're fixed

(Lincoln put the cone on David)

David: I look just like a dog.

Lincoln: Now we also have to make the family believe that you smelled good. (as he spray perfume)

David: (Cough) Not too much. Otherwise other people will chase me like Minnie is being chased.

(Just then, Mrs. Johnson is carrying a cake)

Mrs. Johnson: Lincoln, Can you help with the cake?

Lincoln: Sure. (to David) You do not want to be killed in that happy place, so let me do all the talking. Do not go without me.

David: Okay. I'm the giant, You're the kid with the magic bean. See ya!

Lincoln: No David! I gotta go!

Mrs. Johnson: Hey hey! Carrying a wedding cake is serious commitment between two people.

Lincoln: Who cake is this anyway?

Mrs. Johnson: Two young lovebirds who come to their senses before the wedding. Win win win.

(Inside the Loud House in Lori and Leni's Room, The sisters are having a meeting looking at photos)

Leni: OMGosh! These are photos are looking good for few years ago.

Lisa: Everything is normal in B.D. Before David.

Lola: Yes. Of course it is normal.

(Just then, David came in)

David: I'm different.

Luan: Yes. you are different or otherwise it will be boring if we're all the same

Lola: You don't look different. You look like the same David that Lincoln took to get fixed.

David: Ho-ho. Lola. The old me would be little bit dumb. But the new David is cool. Peep this. (as he dressed as a pop singer) Girls, I came back for you-u-u, I'm new and improved, ooh, I wish I could see you guys but my hairs always in my eyes eyes!

Luna: It's look interesting to believe you're in a boy band.

David: [in British accent] I'm Tobias. I'm the sensitive one. I like your style, Leni.

Leni: Really? Thanks.

(David change the costume)

David: [in Brooklyn accent] I'm Tony. I'm the cool one. (as he slapped his hip)

Lynn: He sure cool alright.

(David change the costume)

David: I'm David! I'm the unpredictable one! (as he whistle and the rope came and he scream)

(David pulls the rope and the water splashes on him and the sisters)

Sisters: (Screaming)

David: (Singing) The girl make me say what what! Got a picture of you on my butt butt

Lily: (Giggles)

Luna: Great. Now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head.

(Back in the living room, Lori is texting and then the doorbell ring)

Luna: Can you get that, Lori?! I'm in the shower! (Singing) Got a picture of you on my butt butt

(Lori answer the door and it's a man with clipboard)

Lori: Hello. Can I help you?

Mr. Green: I'm Mr. Green from the Milford retrieval unite and I'm here to collect the recall imaginary friend by the name of "Dopid"

Lori: It's David.

Mr. Green: And he belongs to Lincoln

Lori: But David already fixed. He brought him in a few days ago.

Mr. Green: They're not being fixed, They're being phased out.

(They didn't know that Lincoln and David are overhearing them)

Mr. Green: Here's a new one.

(The imaginary friend is the boring one)

Lori: Does he talk?

Mr. Green: Yes

Lori: Does he do exercise?

Mr. Green: No

Lori: Does he dance?

Mr. Green: No

Lori: Does he play video game?

Mr. Green: Come on, girl. That one is the boring one and he teach Lincoln to do nothing at all but work.

Lori: Okay. I'll get David

Mr. Green: One moment, Sign here.

(Lori started signing)

Lincoln: David, That guy is gonna throw you into the wood chipper! We have to get out of here!

(But David climb out of the window)


(But he didn't fall to the ground when he bungee jump)

David: You're coming?

Lincoln: I'll take the stairs. (as go downstairs)

(At outside, David can to Lincoln)

Lincoln: David, We better get you to hide so you won't be killed in the wood chipper

David: How?

Lincoln: I think I know where to hide. The Casagrandes. (then he notice Mr. Green) Uh oh! (as let go of David)

Lori: There he is! That's my brother.

Mr. Green: Where's David?

Lincoln: Yo no hablo ingles.

Mr. Green: Aw, Cut it. Your sister gave you up.

Lincoln: Sheesh.

Mr. Green: Just give me your friend, little man. Look. The new one is the boring one. He doesn't like anything exciting

Lincoln: (to the viewers) That kind of remind me of Knit Knot. (to Mr. Green) Really. I don't where he is

Mrs. Green: Then you're gonna need this! My card. Give me a call if you find him. I'll go pick him up.

Lori: He's literally lying! He never go anywhere without David. Make him squirm!

Mr. Green: Ouch! Sisters huh?

Lincoln: I have 10 of them.

Mr. Green: Ay, ay, ay!

(Then Lori left)

Mr. Green: Look kid, Let me make this clear, I'm going to get David. When I started my job, I finish it, No matter what my mother says! I hope it's not my brother Robbie! But we can't be Robbie! Can we? CAN WE?!

Lincoln: I don't even know Robbie!

Mr. Green: Oh you will know! Everybody love Robbie!

Lincoln: Okay

(At Flips, He's having his privacy until David is here)

David: You're hands are cold


Lincoln: We're here to borrow your phone!

Flips: (Scream) Stop doing that!

David: But it's so much fun hearing you go (Scream) Classic Flippy.

Lincoln: We want to borrow your phone for a while so I can call someone's important

Flip: Really. Okay, Here you go

(Lincoln press the numbers to call Ronnie Ann)

Lincoln: Hello? Hi Ronnie Ann. I hope you don't mind but could David and I stay with you and your family for the night? Thank you. Okay, So your abuela will pick us up to get us. Okay. Bye. (as he hang up)

Flips: Hmm. The kid and his girlfriend

David: She's not his girlfriend. They're just friends.

(Back at the Loud House, Rita came to Lori)

Rita: Hi Lori. How was your day?

Lori: It was great. I couldn't decide which color for my eye shadow so I texted Bobby to ask him. And the weird guy from the Milford Store come to get rid of David so David and Lincoln took off. And Bobby and his family are having a celebration and...

Rita: Wait wait! Go back about a weird guy.

Lori: It turns out that Lincoln didn't get David fixed though and he and Lincoln took off so he'll might explode or something.

Rita: Explode?!

Lori: Or something.

Rita: Where did they go?

Lori: I thought you're asking about my day.

Rita: Lynn and I got to find them!

Lori: Oh, There's not a reward. I already asked.

Rita: I don't want to turn them in, I want to make sure they're safe. Where are they?

Flips: They're at the Casagrandes!

Lori: What?!

Rita: Lincoln and David?

Flips: Well, They're staying for the night because he's trying protect David

Rita: That explains everything. David was supposed to be fixed. Maybe he should hire a doctor to fix him.

Lori: You're right. He should hire a doctor.

(At the Casagrandes, David, Lincoln, and the Casagrandes are having dinner)

Rosa: It's great to have you all in out apartment and stay for the night.

Lincoln: Thank you everyone.

Ronnie Ann: So you and David want to stay with us for the night because you were trying to protect David from the weird guy.

Lincoln: Yes. He does not want to get killed.

Frida: That would be sad

Ashley: I know! David is my boyfriend and I don't want him to die

David: Me neither!

Hector: But at least you two are staying with us safe and sound.

Rosa: Now what can I make you for dinner.

David: We would like pizza for dinner

Rosa: Sure thing! (as she started to get cooking)

Ashley: So David, What do you and the Louds usually do together

David: Well, Lori and I talk to Bobby and you on the phone

Ashley: Now you're with us

Bobby: That's right. She even called me that it might be sweet that you can be safe with us.

David: Next, Leni and I are making clothes together.

Ashley: I wish I could do that.

David: Luna and I make music together.

Hector: Maybe you and I can make Flamenco music together.

David: Luan and I pull a lot pranks lately and it will never stopped

Carl: (Laugh) This is hysterical.

David: Lynn and I play a lot of sports and do exercise

CJ: Maybe you and I can play pirates together

David: Lucy and I wrote a lot of poem.

Maria: I bet your poem will be really nice.

David: The twins and I play together and then we got messy and soon we'll be clean. Then Lisa and I are working together to make experiment and inventions.

Carlos: Well, I only read books.

David: And then Lily and I play together and she can fly.

Frida: (Laughing) Lily can fly? That's silly!

Lincoln: But he's telling the truth.

Carlos: How come Lily can fly?

(David whisper to everyone)

Carlito's Inflatable Diaper Fixed.png

(The next morning, David, Lincoln, and the Casagrandes are having fun and they can see Carlito flying when his diaper is inflatable)

Frida: Wow! I guess you are is telling the truth.

Ronnie Ann: It might be amazing that we can see Lily fly but now we can see Carlito fly

Carlito: (Laugh)

Rosa: Well, It's great having you two and now it's time for you to go home.

Lincoln: I bet Mr. Green is gone.

(But when Rosa open the door, Mr. Green appear)

Rosa: (Scream)

Casagrandes: (Scream)

Mr. Green: Where is he?!

Rosa: Are you the guy who trying to kill David?

Mr. Green: Read the windbreaker! That Flip ratted David out! I know he's here! There they are!

(Just then, Lincoln come up with David as toy gun)

Lincoln: Say hello to my little friend!

David: That's me!

Maria: Everybody stand back!

(Lincoln started using David to shoot Marshmallow at Mr. Green)

Casagrandes: Go go go go go go go go!

Mr. Green: Gross! How old as these marshmallows?

David: Uh oh! I'm out!

Mr. Green: Get over here!

Casagrandes: Run!

(Lincoln and David started running)

David: CJ, Gumball me!

CJ: Okay! (as he put gumballs in his mouth)

(Lincoln pick David up and he's about to shoot)

David: No! Other barrel.

Lincoln: Ohhh!

(Lincoln turn David around)

Mr. Green: No no no!

(David shoot gumball out of his butt right into Mr. Green)


Rosa: Everybody, Get in the truck!

(The family, David, and Lincoln are getting out)


(Back at the Loud House,)

Lynn Sr.: I hope David will be okay! I'll cry if David will be killed! (as cries)

Rita: Don't worry, honey. As long Lincoln protected him, He'll be okay.

Lynn Sr.: Okay.

(Then the Casagrandes arrived and David get out of the truck)

Maria: No David! Get back in the truck.

Ronnie Ann: Lincoln is with his sisters. So lay low and try to keep your mouth shut.

David: Gotcha.

(But then David is dressed as mime)

Ashley: Okay. Miming will work

Bobby: Well, No offence but miming is not my thing

(Just then, Mr. Green came)

Mr. Green: You?! Okay, Where's David?! I'm done! This is personal now!

Rosa: What's wrong with you taking an imaginary friend from a little boy? You should be ashamed of yourself

Mr. Green: I am ashamed of myself for unrelated reasons! I come from a very successful family. I'm one of my mother's four sons and they're windbreakers! Except of course my brother Sully.

Ashley: You can't take everything serious.

Mr. Green: Hmmm. Wait a minute! What are you all hiding back there?!

(He push the family out of the way and saw a mime)

Mr. Green: A Mime. Huh?

(David as a mime do some mime movements and Mr. Green is impress)

Mr. Green: I needed this! (as he give the money) I had a really bad day. Here you go. Have you seen David?

(David shook his head no)

Mr. Green: Darn it! (as leaves)

(Then Lincoln came back outside,)

Lincoln: Is that Mr. Green?

Ronnie Ann: Yes. Not very bright, is he?

David: No kidding. (Laugh) Sucker! I'm right here! I was the mime! (Laugh)

Lincoln: Oh no! (Screaming as he run)

Ashley: (Gasped) RUN DAVID RUN!

(David started running for real and Mr. Green chase after them)

David: Lincoln, I want to tell you something! If we don't make it out of this...

Lincoln: Don't talk like that! Of course we're gonna make it out this!

David: Please let me finnish. If we don't make it out of this, I need energy first

Lincoln: No time for a snack! Let's go!

(They continue running as Mr. Green chase them)

(Now the boys are at the grocery store and they need to hide somewhere and Mr. Green stopped)

Mr. Green: Kid! Can you hear me?! I'm gonna get that guy! I have nothing else going on in my life! I should not said it out loud! (as he leaves)

(Then the boys came out where the fruits are at)

Lincoln: Phew. Great disguises as fruits.

David: And by think you mean my belly. Then you are correct sir.

Lincoln: Now you had your 5:30 snack, Maybe we better get back to RUNNING FOR OUR LIFE!

David: Well, I really should wait for half and hour before do anything physical.

Lincoln: (Sigh) Let's go.

(Lincoln and David leave the store)

(Back outside,)

Lincoln: We need somewhere else to hide!

David: How about ice cream

Lincoln: David, You already have...

David: No! Let's hide in the ice cream

Lincoln: It's too small!

David: No! Let's hide in the ice cream truck

(Lincoln look at the ice cream truck)

Lincoln: Who left the ice cream truck open. That doesn't seem right. Oh well. Let's hide in here.

David: Me first!

(But when David get in the truck), Mr. Green go behind the truck and close it and now David is trapped)

Lincoln: DAVID!


(Lincoln make a run and go to Clyde)

Clyde: Hi Lincoln!

Lincoln: Clyde! I need to borrow your bike! It's an emergency!

Clyde: Okay! Here you go.

Lincoln: Now I want you to tell Mom and Dad that the Milford Warehouse man took David and I need to rescue him

Clyde: That can't be good! You better rescue him right now!

Lincoln: I will. Tell my Mom and Dad I'm on a rescue mission

Clyde: Okay! I will!

(Just then, Lynn Sr. came to Clyde)

Lynn Sr.: Hey Clyde.


Lynn Sr.: What?


(Lynn Sr is perplexed)

Clyde: (Scream as he run)

Lynn Sr.: This is awkward.

To be continued...

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