[The story begin with Lori and Leni's room where the louds are having sibling meetings.]

Lori: Okay everybody. Settle down. Tomorrow it's out first day of school and we need to have a perfect day to be good at school so nobody is getting trouble.

Lincoln: What about me?

Lori: Yes, You two Lincoln and your brother will be going because he's getting jobs at other schools.

David: I would work at other school but I'm not sure I can handle my commando app.

Lynn: Commando App? Put on your underwear! We're going to school tomorrow.

David: No, see, in the face of an imminent threat, My Commando App kicks in and I becomes a fearless brute I like to call Spike. It's kinda like a fight-or-flight thing, except I took out the flight part, 'cause, useless. And I replaced it with a testosterone level of like a tasmanian devil-wolverine-shark-lion hybrid that's mad.

Leni: Don't worry, Honey. You'll do great with these jobs at other schools.

David: Oh, yeah? I don't know but last Christmas when my real father in Australia made the mistake of giving my other big brother in Australia boxing gloves?

[Flashback start when Spike destroying the house]

( growls )

Spike: Anybody else confused about the-don't-punch me rule?

[Flashback end]

David: You know, Getting a job at schools, isn't such a good idea. I can't risk Spike coming out.

Lincoln: Don't worry buddy. I got your cover for your first job.

Lori: I agree with him.

[The rest of his sister agree]

David: Okay. If you'll excuse me, I'll watch my marathon.

[In the Living Room, David is watching a scary movie]

TV: Welcome to an all night mararthon of scare good when someone misbehaving of life in prison.

David: This will be a great night. [Yawning]

TV: Episode 1: Lock-up

[The bell ring and the jail door close loudly three times which it scared David good. It going on and on until the next morning.]

TV: That wraps up of all night marathon. Tune in next week for more scare good life in prison.

[The bell ring and the jail door close loudly three times which it scared David tirely.]

Lincoln: Come on David. It's your first job and your job is working at my Elementry school.

David: [Yawning]

Lincoln: Whoa. Have you been up all night?

David: Couldn't sleep. Nice hat.

Lincoln: Thanks. It's for snowboarding.

David: Wow. I've been snowboarding for a long time and it take some magical week that will lift you to the top of the mountain.

Lincoln: Come on, David. We don't want to be late.

David: What should I wear? Wait, I know.

[David go to Lincoln's room and come back dressing like a jock]

David: Too much?

Lincoln: Yeah.

[David go to Lincoln's room and come back in naked]

David: Not enough?

Lincoln: Nah, It's up to you. Today's dodgeball day and it might a little rough.

[At the Royal Woods Elementry School]

David: So this is school?

Lincoln: Yep. My friends love to hang out with me at school and any places.

David: Like that kid?

Lincoln: No. That's the bratty kid. He always takes everyone's stuff. He's not our friend

Bratty Kid: Mine!

David: That's not nice.

Lincoln: I know.

David: What's with the line?

Lincoln: It's for standing right into the cleaning detector. And look at that. I'm good.

David: If it that worked, I'm good too.

Lincoln: Good luck on your first job. Hey, Clyde. What happen to your hand?

Clyde: (Sighs) Those two stinkers just slapped me last Sunday.

David: (Sniff) What's that smell?

Clyde: That's calone. Where people can smell like other things.


David: Who's that?

Lincoln:That's principal huggins.

Principal: Where's your sign? (groan) MOVE!

David: Well that was rude.

[Later in the Principal's office]

David: I watch the scary movie about prison and it was terrible. People always tell other what to do.

Principal: Up against the wall!

Daivd: Yeah, like that.

[David stand against the wall and huggins press the photo flash button.]

David: And someone tell people what to wear.

Principal: Here's your tag for being gym teacher and here's your gym gear too.

[The bell ring and the lockers close loudly three times like in the prison show.]


[David see the janitor with the key and a girl with black and white stripe.]

Daivd: LINCOOOOOOOOOOOOLN! LINCOLN! Lincoln! We got to get out of here! This place isn't school! It's prison!

Lincoln: Yeah David, It's prison but we bust out of here at 2:15 PM.

David: So that mean we're in prison for 7 hours?

Lincoln: School is not actually prison. School is a place where people should learn.

Bratty Kid: Mine!

Lincoln: Hey! That's my backpack!

Bratty Kid: Not anymore! Oh guess what new kids, That shirt is deffinally mine!

[All the people are laughing at him when the bratty kid rip off David's shirt]

David: Hey! That's not cool!

Bratty Kid: Look at that! Crying like a little baby.

(Low warbling)

Spike: Think again, bubbleneck.

(Everyone gasped)

Spike: Do you wanna throw hands with me?

Bratty Kid: Bring it on.

[Spike put his hand on top and swing which it made the bratty kid missed.]

Spike: My turn!

[Spike slap into the kid hands]

Bratty Kid: Eee! It's that all you got?

[Spike slap into the bratty kid's hand many times]


Bratty Kid: (Screaming) Mommy!

[Everybody clapped their hand for winning challenge.]

Spike You Flinch!

[The bell ring]

Spike: Look at the time! Time to go to class.

[Later, At lunch]

Liam: It was epic! That first job guy and Lincoln made that bratty kid cry. The dude is like you flinch you flinch you flinch and then the bratty is like (fake crying) and I was like... YES but in a cool way! Here he comes.

Spike: What's everyone staring at? I perfer that all the teacher want their leperchaun back.

[Everyone laugh]

Spike: I like you guys and you're getting it. I can go anywhere I want already. These, ugh, are my hall passes.

( low warbling )

David: Commando App disengaged? Lincoln! Why was I in Commando Mode?

Lincoln: I didn't see a Commando Mode.

Liam: What are you talking about with commando mode

Lincoln: David has a commando app and he turn into Spike.

Rusty: Spike is not a good name but he did heroric thing.

David: Lincoln, You're supposed to watch out for me.

Clyde: Oh, he watched the whole thing. You manhandled the quarterback and pudding popped the whole offensive line!

David: What? Aw, great. This is so gonna come back to haunt my Supreme Court nomination and... I'm getting autograph?

Lincoln: Everyone think you're a hero.

David: Wow! So it does.

[Back in the Loud House, The louds are having another sibling meetings]

Lori: I call you all here a sibling meeting to order.

Lana: What's going on Lori?

Lori:  You might wanna ask David.

David: On my first job, That bratty kids rip off my shirt and everyone laugh at me and then I was in commando that Lincoln was suppose to watch out for me but then everyone came to lumch and gave me autograph for being a hero.

[The sibling were interested with that one.]

Luna: Way sweet dude and it's crazy that you have a commando app.

Lana: If the toilet is out of control, It's up to you to stop it!

David: Who wouldn't like a nice toilet seat cover especially on a cold morning.

[The next morning at school where David is in commando mode again.]

Spike: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and... Yougurt. What am I am? Someone's mom?

Lincoln: Aw man! I forgot the syrup.

[Everyone came to Lincoln and give these to him.]

Lincoln: Now that what I'm talking about!

Spike: You know it! This is out world! We run this place!

Pricipal: Is that so?

Lincoln: He's just kidding.

Spike: Yes, That is so. Don't worry, we're old friends.

Principal: I'm watching you.

Spike: Oh! You think it's a staring contest, do you? Okay! Go!

[Spike and Principal Huggin staring at each other rudely of the staring contest until Huggin blink]

Spike: Ha! You blink! I get your dessert!

[Later in the afternoon, Lincoln and Spike are going for a walk.]

Spike: Man! This is great! we all credits!

Clyde: Yo Spike! This has been a great day! My hands got better and I got a book about Spike at the library!

Lincoln: Thar is great Mcbride! Your Welcome!

Spike: Come on, Fruit Fly! Let's go snow boarding!

Lincoln: We can't go.

Spike: Why not! I stopped that bratty boy and I got autograph and you're my sidekick and that why we rule the school! HEY BRATTY KID! WHO RULE THE SCHOOL?!

Bratty Kids: You do boss! Don't slap me!

Spike: Told ya!

Lincoln: Actually, We don't rule the school. Pricipal Huggins does. We can't go anywhere until he let us out.

Spike: I thought you said it wasn't prison.

[The bell ring and the lockers close loudly three timeswhich it made the camando App disingage.]

Lincoln: Are you alright?



[The fire alarm went off which it made everybody panic]

David: Okay! That's it! Let's get out of here!

[The pircipal stop him and turn off the alarm.]

Pricipal: Well, that didn't take long. THE INK DOESN'T LIE!

David: (Gulped)

Principal: Do you want to explain this?!

Lincoln: Not really.

Principal: In my office now!

[Later, Lincoln is in the office.]

David: Listen sir. I could explain. I got freaked out when the bell ring and the lockers close so hard! And I'm really scared.

Principal: There are way to deal with punks like you! However, NONE OF THEM ARE LEGAL! WAIT IN THE HALLWAY!

[Principal throw David right into the door.]

Principal: Oh! Sorr about that. I thought the door was open.

[Principal opwn the door and throw David out]

Lincoln: I'm sorry Mr. Huggins! David isn't that bad.

Principal: I need you to write down what really happen.

Lincoln: I mean it! David was the best guy and he's a hero who saved our life from the bratty kid.

Principal: I don't hear writing! Come on. I know he's guilty and you should know he's guilty. That clown in the hallway doesn't belong in school.

Lincoln: But sir, It was David first job at other schools like that school and then others. He work at other school in days of the week.

Principal: You don't wanna fall for this. Word is that your the captain of snow boarder who can get drummed right out of the club. Now what have you got to say?!

Lincoln: The ink doesn't lie.

Peincipal: (Sigh) Snow boarder.

David: Lincoln! I heard everything. You got to tell him the truth. I can't get a job at school for evrry week.

Lincoln: Yes you do and everyone want him at Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementry, Middle, and High School.

David: But you'll get drummed right out of the club.

Lincoln: He didn't really mean that.

[Principal Huggin Drumming up the snowboard]

Lincoln: Wow. He really meant it.

[Back in the Loud House at Lincoln's room]

Rita: Thank you for telling the truth Lincoln but you know I have to punnish you even though that your brother messed up the job. You're grounded for a month,

[Rita pat Lincoln's head and close the door.]

David: Was detention horrible?

Lincoln: Unbearable. I shouldn't look after you that I shouldn't let you on commando mode.

David: Look on the bright side. I made something amazing for you.

[David pull out the sheet and reaveal a bed.]

David: Ta da! We're gonna be bunk mates.

Lincoln: You know, I think I'll take the bottom one.

David: Okay, I'll have the top one.


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