Lincoln: Never thought Rainbow World Day can be messy. It'll take forever to clean up

Leni: Don't worry about a thing. I have an idea

Lincoln: Really? What is it?

(Leni come with the cleaning truck)

Leni: What do you think of my new wheels

Lincoln: I don't know Leni. You don't even have a driver license yet

Leni: I've driven before so I know how to work this. Just stand back and let it do it's thing

(Leni pull the lever and started cleaning the trash)

(Lincoln started running after it)

Leni: What did I tell you? Piece of cake

Lincoln: I really gotta hand it to you

Leni: Down I know it

(Leni press the button)

Leni: I can do this with my eyes close

Lincoln: I don't like the look of those things. Uh, Leni? Leni!

(But Leni didn't respond)

Lincoln: (Screaming) Get away! Go! Shoo!

(Then Leni accidently touch lever)

Leni: Oops!

Lincoln: Not good! Not good!

(Then Lincoln tripped then the broom sweep Lincoln and suck him into the vacuum)

Lincoln: (Screaming)

(Then Leni stopped the truck)

Leni: Lincoln? Lincoln? Not fair leaving me to do all the work by myself

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