Lori: Move the pole over there. It's the perfect spot for the big top.

Raymond: Okay.

Lisa: Lori, That is not the spot where the circus is going to be set up

Lori: No, this is the right field. It goes there

Felix: No. Lisa is right because I know Ayla is over there at the ticket booth

Lori: No, the booth should be here

Lisa: No. I see clowns practicing juggling

(Luan, Lynn Sr., and Wally are juggling)

Felix: Are you sure we're in the right place

Lori: I'm the oldest and I'm in charge

Lisa: Don't we need circus tractor to put up the tent

(Fana was driving the tractor)

Felix: And there's Lana making popcorn!

Lana: (Off-Screen) WHOA! POPTACULAR

Felix: It's next to Ayla's ticket booth. Near where the clowns are juggling

Raymond: You know, Felix and Lisa are smart. We should put the tent over there

Lori: No! I know it goes right here where I'm at

Lisa: Uh, Guys. I'm all tangled

Lori: No, I don't see any tangles. Raymond, do your work

(Raymond pull the tent up)


Felix: Lisa, What are you doing up there

Lisa: If I'm not mistaken, I didn't invent magnet book on top of the circus when I'm tangled up

(Then a car pull by)

David: What a sight! The big top has arrived for circus! The show is going be very exciting on Good Morning Rainbow World

Ashley: I love circus! And so does Wally and Luan. But it look like the tent is in the wrong space

Lori: It's not in the wrong space

David: I'm afraid it is. The circus tent is suppose to be over there

Lisa: Would it be too much trouble to get me down from here

Raymond: Sure not at all.

(Raymond pull the tent it flew up and landed on everyone)

Lisa: Hey! I can't see

Felix: Where are you

(Lori got out from under the tent)

Lori: I could not see from under there!

David: Well at least now they can put the tent in the correct place. So come on down and enjoy the Rainbow World Circus

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