Catherine: Mrs. Loud

Rita: Hello Catherine. Full house tonight?

Catherine: You betcha and I can be the ringmaster

Rita: There is nothing like the calm before the performance. Before that magical moment when the band sounds its instruments

Catherine: Yes but I want to tell you that band forgot their instruments at home

Rita: They left them at home?

Catherine: Yes but don't worry. They can fix everything since they're Happy Colors

David: (Off-Screen) We're ready!

Catherine: Great! Come out, everybody

(The Happy Colors came out as clowns)

Rita: These are clowns! Not proper musicians

Catherine: Don't tell them that. They're sensitive

Rita: Oh. Sorry about that

Catherine: I got a show to start now. See ya

Happy Colors: Hi Mrs. Loud

Rita: Let's tune our instruments

Danny: Okay. I'll tune my drum. (as he bang his drum)

Rita: Please Danny! There is no time for your drum solo. We must rehearse

(Wally blow his trumpet)

Wally: I got some peanut butter stuck in the mouthpiece

Rita: (Sigh) What else do they got.

Ariel: It's all in the wrist

(Ariel play the accordion)

(Then the rest of the band came up and play their instruments)

Rita: You're quite good. There's hope

(Then the curtain up)

Catherine: Welcome to the Circus

Rita: Showtime. Everyone must be your best. Keep your eyes on my baton

(However, The Happy Colors play their instruments as clowns as usually)

Rita: My career as a circus conductor is ruined

(Wally blow his horn with water)

Happy Colors: (Laughing)

Rita: This is no time for jokes. You are proper musicians now

(Danny put drum on Felix's head as he play it)

Happy Colors: (Laughing)

Rita: Stop it this instant

Ashley: You know they say David.

David: Yep. Other people should have sense of humor

Rita: I need serious musicians

(The Happy Colors squirting Rita with colorful goo)


(Then David arrived in his car)

David: Anyone need a lift?

Felix: Be my guest

(They and Rita got in the car and David drive them around)

Audience: (Laughing)

Rita: Get me out! I'm a serious conductor

(Then David drive to the ramp and they flew and bounce on the trampoline and fall to ground)

Audience: (Laughing)

(Then a pie hit Rita's face)

Rita: I should've never joined the circus

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