Rita: Here we are at the Rainbow World Car Sale

Lola: Wow look at all the cars they got

Rita: Well, I'm going to rent a car if we're still be in Rainbow World until our family got a new transportation to go back to Royal Woods

Lola: Let's find a good car that'll fit us

(Rita and Lola take a look at what cars they have)

Lola: Ah ha! There's a car that will fit us. The queen car

Rita: That looks really nice but it does seem expensive

Lola: Let's take it for a test drive

Rita: Uh, That won't be necessary

Lola: Everyone need to test drive before renting or buying cars! Don't you know anything

(Later, Rita drive in the queen car)

Rita: This steering wheel feels a bit loose

Lola: Doesn't look loose to me

Rita: And that gas pedal seems small

Lola: You should wear high heel to push it

(Then the gauge shows it's going 100 miles an hour)

Rita: We're not going any faster

Lola: But I feel it going pretty fast

(However, It not going faster when the turtle is crawling by)

(Then there's black smoke coming out of the back)

Rita: The black smoke is pouring from the back!

Lola: The engine is working fine

(Rita stopped the car and got out)

Rita: This is worst car I have ever seen!

Lola: I'm not letting you buy it

Rita: Well, That's fine because I don't want it and you're grounded for a month for that attitude of yours!

Lola: You will never ever own that car

Rita: Hold on, here! I have every right to buy cars even your Dad share Vanzilla with me! And I'll just do something with that machine

Lola: No!

Rita: Yes!

Lola: No! I will not let you buy it!

(But Rita did it to the car)

Rita: Let that be a lesson to you, Lola! The customer is always right

(Rita drive away in that car)

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