(The bus arrived and Lana got in the bus)

Lana: Hi Lola is this seat taken

Lola: It is now

Lana: Great day for a bus ride huh

Lola: Yes. I was looking forward for sightseeing

Lana: Wanna bite a fish sandwich

Lola: ACH! No!

Lana: You sure? It was only in my sock a couple of weeks

Ariel: Welcome to Rainbow World Double Decker Bus Tours. I'm your tour director Ariel

(Ariel pop out from the window)

Ariel: Lana, Can you hear me up here?

(Lana splash the grape juice on Lola)

Lana: We here you just fine Ariel

Lola: LANA!

Lana: Sorry about that. It's only grape juice

Lola: But it ruined my gown!

(Lola moved to the seat behind Lana)

Ariel: To your left is the oldest wishing well in Rainbow World. They say people wished over 7,000,543 wishes

(Lana is about to lick her ice cream but the wind blew right into Lola's camera)

Lola: Lana! I missed my shot!

Lana: Sorry Lola! That ice cream blew away from my cone

Lola: Try to contain your lunch during the tour

Ariel: This is the pride of Rainbow World. A giant ball made of rubber bands

(Lola is about to take a picture then the cotton candy fly on the camera)

Lola: ACH! Get this sticky thing off of me!

Lana: Shazam! That cotton candy flew away by itself

Lola: NO! I missed my shot of a ball of rubber band (Cries)

(Lana throw the cone at Lola)

Lola: If you don't stop this I have no choice but to leave the tour immediately

Ariel: Now we're heading to the lowest tunnel

(They got to the tunnel)

Lola: (Screaming)

(Then it got dark and there was a crash)

Lana: Well Lola, You won't even know that I'm here

Lola: Lana!

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