Lana: How many cake did you bake, Lisa?

Lisa: I didn't bake any yet

(Lisa take the eggs out of the carton and crack them into the bowl)

Lisa: And now the baking powder (measure that and put it in)

Lana: WHOA! That's way too much!

Lisa: I know the measurements very well

(Lana lick it with the spoon)

Lana: Does it need sugar?

Lisa: No. I think that's good the way it is

Lana: Can we frost them?

Lisa: Not until the cake will be ready. Then let's put the batter in the pan

(Lana get the pan and Lisa put the cake in the pan)

Lisa: Now to put them in the oven

(Lisa put the cake in the oven and turn it on)

Lisa: Now we have to wait until it's done

(The cake starts rising fast)

Lana: I don't know. That doesn't look right

(Then the cake exploded)

Lana: This is what I'm talking about

(Lana shake it off and wipe the screen)

Lana: Good and messy

Lisa: Oops. Don't know what I put in there

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