Ariel and Shaun at Aerobic Room

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Ariel: I love aerobic class! I try the other ways to exercise like running, swimming, competitive shopping, but this class is the most fun of all!

Shaun: Couldn't agree more!

Lucy: Hey Ariel and Shaun

Ariel and Shaun: Hello Lucy

Lucy: Are you ready to sweat

Ariel and Shaun: You betcha

Lucy: Well that's what sets us apart. Ok let's do it

(Lucy turn the record player on and Ariel, Shaun, and Lucy started their aerobic exercises as the music play)

(After some exercise the music is gets faster)

Lucy: Oh dear. Now the music is going faster

(They do their exercise faster.)

(The music went so fast and then the record player exploded)

Lucy: Quitting so soon? I'm disappointed in you

Ariel: But we were just getting started! It's no fun when the record player is broken!

Shaun: Not as much fun as a tickle!

(Shaun tickle Ariel with his mane)

Ariel: (Laughing)

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