(Lynn, Ayla, Raymond, and Ashley are on the ship for exercise class)

Rita: Good day and welcome to my aerobics class. Are we ready?

Lynn, Ayla, Raymond, and Ashley: Ready!

Rita: I can't hear you!

Lynn, Ayla, Raymond, and Ashley: READY!

Rita: Much better! Very well, now, do exactly as I do. A big deep breath and stretch. Arms wide all together now, look sharp

(The four took big deep breathe and stretch)

Rita: Now to the left and stretch. To the right and stretch

(After they stretch)

Rita: Now for jumping jacks. And one and two and one and two and one and two

(The four do jumping jacks but then Raymond bounced overboard)

Raymond: Weeeeeeeeee! (Then he jumped to the water)

Ayla: Kangaroo overboard!

(Ayla went and throw the lifesaver)

Rita: Swing your arm out to side! Knee high and feet together! Stay together!

(Raymond back away and got behind Lynn)

Rita: Now for the push-up

(They do push up but Lynn end up kick Raymond then Raymond bounced)

Ayla: Kangaroo overboard again!

(Ayla throw another lifesaver)

Rita: Now run in place!

(They ran in place)

Rita: And back to jumping jacks

(They do jumping jacks until Lynn bumped Ashley into the water)

Ashley: (Screaming)

(Ayla throw another lifesaver in the water)

Rita: And finally the windmill

(They do the windmill but Lynn bump off Raymond and he bounce again)


(And then he bounce on everyone and they all ended up in the water)

(Then Rita stopped and she's shocked)

Rita: Where did everyone go?

(Rita looked around)

Rita: Oh well.

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