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The Happy Colors (Series 0)

Series 0 is the Happy Colors pilot. One unaired episode is filmed at Sydney Australia. The show was produced by Australian Broadcasting Cooperation.

  • 1 Cast
    • 1.1 The Happy Colors
    • 1.2 The Happy Colors' Friends
    • 1.3 Guest Stars
  • 2 Plot
  • 3 Gallery

  • ??? as David Bubblestone
  • ??? as Danny
  • ??? as Ashley
  • ??? as Felix
  • ??? as Wally
  • ??? as Ariel Bubblestone

  • ??? as Shaun the Lion
  • ??? as Fana the Hippo
  • ??? as Molly
  • ??? as Raymond the Kangaroo
  • The Schmuzzies
  • ??? as Catherine
  • ??? as Lionel

  •  ??? as Mr. Sunny
  • Tim Harding as himself
  • Greg Page as himself

The episode begin with the Happy Colors waking up and the sun is about to rise

Song #1: Good Morning

Molly has nothing to do today but the Happy Colors are sneaking up to surprise her. David put the balloon tank in Molly's nappy and she though h…

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The Happy Colors with the Loud Family (Script)

(The video started fades to the title “The Happy Colors with the Loud Family” as Lily fly around)

Lily: Weeeeeeeeeeee!

(Lily transition fly to the song where the video begin.)

All: ♪This is the Loud House Family Song, It's gonna help you learn their names to figure out where each siblings belongs!♪

David: ♪Lori's the oldest; her favorite hobby's talking on the phone with her boyfriend, Bobby♪

Ashley: ♪Leni's looking ready for the runway, Her glasses and her dress are the outfit of the day♪

Danny: ♪And then we got Luna, She can pull out a guitar and rock it to the moon, brah!♪

All:  ♪There’s Lincoln who is the sisters’ only brother!♪

Wally: ♪If you hear a pun, then Luan said it, “I guess that's a wrap” Get it?♪

Raymond: ♪Oh, look; there's Lynn, A st…

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The Happy Colors VS The Loud House Movie (Script)

(The movie started with an action music and the silver word VS shines up and goes in the middle. The camera zoom into the dot where the Happy Colors are in a comic book and appear with David’s name, Ashley’s name, Danny’s name, Felix’s name, Wally’s name, and Ariel’s name. The next page in the comic book is the Loud House and appear with Lincoln’s name, Lori’s name, Leni’s name, Luna’s name, Luan’s name, Lynn’s name, Lucy’s name, Lana and Lola’s name, Lisa’s name, and Lily’s name and the camera move to the picture of the Louds meet the Happy Colors. The camera zoom out of the dot and the title The Happy Colors on the left and The Loud House on the right appear to a movie “The Happy Colors VS The Loud House”. The camera zoom back to the dot…

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The Happy Colors Molly's Musical Birthday Movie (Script)

Tim: (Vocalizing but he made the sour note which it hurt the talent show president’s ears)

Mr. President: Tim. Tim. Tim. you may be the great-great-grandson of (pointing up at a portrait behind him.) Tommy but your singing voice is not good.

Tim: Look, Give me a chance. I-I can prove myself. (Vocalizing but sour) (The president frowns) (Singing sour) I-I can do this. I-I can do this. I-I can do it, I-I can do it! (He moves backwards, and crashes into the bookshelf.) Yargh! (The shelf's break, and he falls to the ground covered in Books.)

Mr. President: Tim, you're still having trouble with singing. (Tim crawls up underneath the president's desk) Maybe, you should try a different talent.

Tim: But-but... I can do it. You see... I know I can be a…

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The Happy Colors Mickey Mouse & Friends (Script)

(The episode/video starts with these footprints are shown, while The Happy Colors logo spins around, when it shows up. Then, the video title comes on and so as the promo picture for the video, while making their fireworks sound in the distance. The Happy Colors logo spins around translate to the song and Mickey the bouncing ball bounces around to show the title “Beautiful Disney World” and then it disappear.)

All: ♪Beautiful...Beautiful...Beautiful...Beautiful...Beautiful...Beautiful♪

David: ♪It’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Disney World, With skies of blue and trees of green, It’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Disney World, It’s our home, Let’s keep it clean♪

Mickey: ♪Beautiful animals, Beautiful trees, Beautiful fish in beautiful …

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