Mimi: Hello, Everyone! And welcome to another episode of... Character Reviews! I’m Mimi, here for today’s review! So... how many of you grew up with Nick jr.? How many of you have grown up with PBS Kids? Well, we got a very interesting review for you today. I’m actually going to be reviewing something from a PBS Kids series today! Thought it would be nice to try something different from our usual style with the Nickelodeon shows, plus MLP. Which, honestly, Marley’s review of Common Ground still makes me chuckle simply for how expressive it was. This show is actually a more recent and probably less known PBS Kids show. Nature Cat. It’s basically a group of animal friends, who explore in nature. Nature Cat, Squeaks the mouse, Daisy the bunny, and my personal favorite, Hal the dog are the nature explorers. Yes, usually we don’t review these shows, but hey, it’s interesting to try something new for once. Anyways, this episode is called The Big Bath Brouhaha. About Hal having to take a bath for a picture Daisy is taking for her granny.

Episode analysis

Mimi: So Daisy is getting a picture ready for her granny for her and her friends to take, but Hal is really smelling awful! The nature friends try to give Hal a bath, but Hal is just not cooperating. They try to get Hal in the water, but it ends up with Nature Cat in the water. They chase Hal around so he could get a bath. What follows is that our nature buddies chasing Hal. And during the chase, they come across animals who take their own style of baths. Chickens are taking dust baths to get bugs off of them, pigs are taking mud baths to cool off An day get germs off of them, and bats are taking tongue baths, which is something I know cats do. Not Periwinkle, though. Surprisingly, he doesn’t mind water that much. I know Nature Cat really does NOT care for water! So, in the end, Hal is finally convinced that he should definitely take a bath... by literally licking himself all around! So now he is cleaned, and is ready to take that picture for Daisy’s granny. Hey, now that I think of it... I wonder what kind of baths ponies or horses take? I imagine they wouldn’t role around in mud. Is it a water bath like we take? I bet I would tell the ponies about that! Unless it’s a water bath, other wise, that would just be a standard thing. Okay, I’m rambling. Let’s get into the episode itself.


Mimi: Alright! Nd now, it’s time to tell you my thoughts. I really like Hal, and how he isn’t loyal. Though a little goofy at times, but that honestly does make him pretty charming. So I was interested to see how it goes. And I gotta say, it was pretty good! It was honestly kinda funny how Hal was so against taking a bath, and that he tries not to get into the water! It’s kind of ironic, considering that Nature Cat is the one who hates water. We even do see him in water, and how he reacts. For an educational episode, as this is something from PBS Kids, I’d say it does a pretty good job at explaining how different animals take baths. It even turns into a song, which admittedly was kind of catchy to watch. I like how it was resolved at the end with Hal realizing that taking a bath is important after all. Sure, it is predictable, but considering that this is a PBS Kids, of course it would half to end with characters learning a lesson! After all, their target demographic is probably the same as the 5 little girls we know. And it has a pretty good story too. I like how it has a little more to getting Hal to take a bath. Daisy wants him and his friends to be clean for when she takes the picture for her granny. In terms of comedy, there was actually one thing I thought was amusing. When they were pushing Hal in the tub, only for Nature Cat to get in the tub. A bit light, but hey, it was a little amusing. I also like how Hal gave himself a tongue bath. The way he literally licked all over himself in the course of just a few seconds. Good stuff there. Overall, I’d say this Nature Cat episode was pretty good! And I enjoyed it a lot!



Mimi: And hat is all I have to say. Thank you so much. Will there be more PBS Kids Reviews in the future? Well, I know there will be next week, but anything else after that? Well, maybe! But I guess you will just have to see what happened! So with that out of the way, thanks for sticking around, and I will see you next time! Bye!

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