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Tia: Hello, everyone! Welcome to another installment of Character Reviews! I’m Tia, and I am here to bring you another episode review! And I will actually be looking at a Middlemost Post episode! It is a new animated show on Nickelodeon which… I like it a lot. The comedy here is pretty good, and I like our main characters. Having one of the main characters being a sea captain was pretty neat to me. And something that actually got me kinda hooks. I also like the little cloud character, Parker J. Cloud. He’s cute! And Russell, their pet walrus too! The episode I will be looking at is Stinkhole Chronicles. It is a new one that has a bunch of really cool video game references. (Limestone Pie voice) I will join too. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! (normal voice) Same. So yeah, without further ado, let’s get started with the review on Stinkhole Chronicles.

Episode Description

Tia: Parker head’s to Lily’s shop, all panicky. And after it turns out that he accidentally dropped Angus in this stinkhole… oh yeah, Angus is thecaptain. They go in, and we see a worm tell them where Angus is. And then, we start getting a bunch of video game references out of this. It first starts with Parker and Lily heading to the shops like an RPG game. With Parker paying for supplies, which make the classic Mario coin sound. And after an attempt to carry their supplies, they just go with it. Then, as they go, we see more references. With there being a Mario reference, a sonic reference with Parker spinning around a loop, and we soon see a Kirby reference. They then get to the boss, where Parker just flies Lily over. And after finding Angus on top of the worm king, they start chasing Angus and Lily like one of those bosses. And they soon save Angus. Yeah, that is pretty much it, and now onto the review!


Tia: Thus may be one of my favorite episodes of season 1 so far. There was just so much to offer! I always love the episodes with it focusing on Angus, though I also love the Parker ones. And Lily, that caterpillar side character, is pretty cool too. This is one of the best episodes with them. I was never bored at all watching this. (Limestone Pie voice) To be fair, who would get bored at episodes that reference video games for a majority of the time? (normal voice) I think anyone who loves watching video games would recognize and appreciate some of the references here. Buying from shops in games, jumping on platforms while also getting an obstacle to avoid. I was never much of a gamer myself as a little girl, I’ll admit, but even I very much admire the effort the writing team put in there. I think my favorite is the sonic reference, when Parker got this one power up, causing him to spin like sonic, making him role around a loop! It was especially cool, given I had recently seen that new sonic movie over a week ago. I did also mention how I like the comedy in the show, and the comedy here was pretty good. I like the exchange between Parker and Angus, and how those alligators kept looking at each of them as they talk. I guess my one only flaw with this is that it would’ve been cool to have Parker and Lily fight the worm king like a final boss. Then again, they already did that one boss thing, which also included the time limit I forgot to mention. Nice touch. But that is a minor complaint, as I still thought this was a very entertaining episode. (Limestone Pie voice) Let’s hope Nickelodeon does not treat this show badly, because Middlemost Post is a great show!




Tia: And that was it for today’s Character Review! Thank you for sticking by as I review this episode. Like I said, Middlemost Post is a pretty good show that I think needs some real recognition. That’ll be all from me. Until next time, this has been another Character Reviews installment! I am Tia, signing out!