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Marsha: Hey, everyone! Marsha her, and I will be doing another different kind of review. Like what I did with the Casagrandes cancellation thing, I will be saying, kinda my thoughts on the canccellation of another show. Well… possible cancellation it is. On the PBS series, Pinkalicious and Peteriffic. Now I know what you’re thinking… “that one? How come you went ith the possible cancellation of that PBS series of all things?” Well… I notice that there was something that was rather unclear about the third season. It having almost finished season 3, and the fact that we have not gotten a season 4 confirmation yet. Despite it being over two years. So here it is!


Marsha: Now, I’m gonna be honest. I do quite like the show. Sure, Pinkalicious has been presented as a brat, but that was mostly in the original books. I know we do have some out there that enjoy it. Lacey thought it was a pretty good show, I know. I mean she recently just reviewed that friendship bracelet episode. So this sho has gotten 3 seasons. And with season 3 having 12 episodes, it lands this series with 63 episodes. Receltly, episode 61 had aired, and it is possible the show might end there. That’s not particularly my biggest problem with this, though. It’s still a fine run, even if I was pretty annoyed with Casagrandes only having 3 seasons. My biggest issue, is just how slow the production is! I get that PBS Kids can be slow when it comes to airing new episodes of their shows, but like… Pinkalicious season 3 has 2 episodes left! The last time we have gotten word on a season renewal was back in October 2019, when seasons 2 and 3 were renewed! You would think that by now, given both of those seasons are about done, we would get some info by now! It is possible that the show might have gotten cancelled after the third season. If the show is not gonna get a fourth season, at least confirm it once those two remaining episodes come! I’ll admit, I am not quite as annoyed about it as I was with The Casagrandes. Mostly because that spin-off which was doing good is ending, while the main series with a sucky season 5 continues on! Feels like it was rubbing The Casagrandes on their faces! Here… I don’t see it quite like that. All I really wish for, is to be confirmed if season 4 will happen or not, so it won’t come off as coming out of nowhere! (Spoiled Rich voice as hoops shine) They BETTER do something about it! (sharp teeth) Yeah, that is my thoughts on it possibly canceling. I guess 63 episodes is fine, but at least do something!


Marsha: Well, that i’ll be it for my thoughts! Thank you for sticking by, and I will see you next time! Though Pinkalicious has not lived very long, I still think that, for what it is, is an underrated gem that gets WAY too much hate! Until next time, this is Marsha, signing off!