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Marsha: Hello, and welcome back to another Character Reviews installment! I am Marsha, here with yet another Peppa Pig episode! This one is called Noisy House! It is about Peppa staying over at her cousin's house. And the cousin's family, well… they use noise which works on helping the baby brother fall asleep. This is gonna be an interesting one to review. Oh yeah, and Peppa's cousin's name is Chloe. I don't remember how many times they have appeared, but I digress. Anyways, yeah. Let's get started with the review of this rather noisy episode.

Episode Description

Marsha: So the episode starts at Peppa's cousin's house… as the narrator says. They are having a sleepover, but for some reason the quiet is actually keeping baby Alexander awake… alright. So they try to keep the place as loud as possible. From a vacuum cleaner, to a trumpet. Though this obviously makes the others stay awake. Okay… weird way to have some conflict… Daddy tries to keep the baby quiet himself by circling the crib around the house. And it seems to be working, but when the light is turned on… the baby is awake again., when going out for something I forgot, they accidentally set off the houselarm, which wakes the WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD up! This is enough to make Alexander fall asleep again. As that is about it.


Marsha: This was honestly one of the more obnoxious episodes of Peppa Pig. Not nearly as obnoxious on whatever the heck that was with the Quarrel episode, but it was still just rather… forced. Yeah, that is probably the best word to describe this episode. It felt really forced. Having the episode involve the conflict of NOISE being the one to keep Alexander asleep at night is… alright I guess? It is kind of weird, and I am not particularly sure how realistic that is. Why does he start crying when things are silent? They… they do not give an explanation, it just… happens. Daddy Pig does try to find a way to set Alexander to sleep for the night. Though that does not work… (spoiled Rich voice) THAT WAS IT THOUGH! They do not even try to find other ways to make him fall asleep! Come on, are you all THAT LAZY?! (huge sharp teeth) Really, there are other ways to do it! When my kids could not fall asleep as babies, I would do plenty of things! Either feeding them warm milk, rock and holding them on a rocking chair, singing them a lullaby…  they do not really do much with it! (Spoiled Rich voice) And all that noise just gets on my nerves! I would like a MINUTE of quiet here! NOt just… seconds! (huge sharp teeth) You know what would've made this episode better? The reason that baby Alexander cries at night is because of the noise involving monsters coming towards him! That would've seemed more realistic, and could've led to all of the members trying to help him not be scared! (Spoiled Rich voice) But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That is TOO COMPLICATED TO PRESCHOOLERS! My butt… (huge sharp teeth) Overall, yeah. Standard infamous stuff.


(Marsha showed her hoops for the 0)/10


Marsha: So yeah! That is it for today's reviews! Really, these episodes are just sucking at everything. I do not know if there will be an episode I find genuinely good yet, but we will see. Until then, thank you for joining me on more character reviews! I am Marsha, signing out! Adios!