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Marsha: Hello, and welcome back! You may think I am gonna do an episode review, but not this time! Instead of an episode review, I’m actually gonna be doing… kind of my thoughts on something that is going on with the show. So The Casagrandes is the spin-off to Loud House, following the Casagrande family. It has three seasons right now… and ends after those three seasons. Yeah, apparently The Casagrandes recently got cancelled due to low ratings? (Spoiled Rich voice as hoops shine) Oh, yeah! Single out that show! Wonderful! (sharp teeth) And I got a lot more to say about it! So let’s get started!


Marsha: I’ll admit, this won’t be nearly as long as my other reviews. But still, I would like to stress why this rewlly bothers me! (Spoiled Rich voice) I get it was a spin off, so it might not do as well as the original show, BUT COME ON! You could’ve given it more seasons! Not just brush it off after three seasons! (sharp teeth) And not only are they thinking of probably giving Loud House a season 7, but I hear they might give it a movie! (Spoiled Rich voice) I’m up for more Loud House, BUT YOU BETTER IMPROVE THE SHOW! Otherwise, it just feels like you are MILKING it dry! Just give Casagrandes more seasons! (sharp teeth) Why do I think The Casagrandes is getting canceled after three seasons? Well… it did not do as well. While I can understand it not doing as well, part of me thinks it’s the saturation of Carl episodes! (Spoiled Rich voice as hoops shine) You have PLENTY OF stories you can still do with this series! And saturating it with Carl and Bobby episodes… it really feels like the writers are kinda bankrupt of some creativity! Let someone else run it, so they can improve! (sharp teeth) And I am not saying the Carl episodes are bad, but when you have so many of them, and how the fans are annoyed with them… I guess part of my can’t really blame them too much. But like I said, you have plenty of chances! (spoiled Rich voice as hoops shine) Give us a Sid and Adelaide episode! Or Becca and Stanley episode! And I mean more of those! But with the series ending… I fear they may be forgotten! Ugh… greedy Nick exects. (sharp teeth) If there is one upside, there is definitely less of a chance that Sergio will premiere. And that might be for the best, as he is a pretty intolerable jerk. Some people want him fried into a McDonald’s chicken patty, and I honestly don’t blame them. But aside from that… all I can say… Loud House DEFINITELY better improve!


Marsha: And that is it. I know this is not like the other reviews I do, but I really wanted to get this off my chest. I fear that they might be starting to milk the show, and I hope it is not the case. I’ll see you soon for another review. Or maybe someone else will do one. I dunno. Until then, this is Marsha with another review! Adios!