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Marsha: Hello, guys! And welcome back to another Character Reviews installment! Today, I am heading over to PBS Kids, where I am going to be reviewing… Caillou… yeah, you heard me right! The worst PBS series ever! Caillou… is just an insufferable brat at times! (Spoiled Rich voice as hoops shine)Like do I even mention some of the crud happening, like him having a tantrum over getting the date of the circus wrong?! (huge sharp teeth)His tantrums over everything is just… you know, there is a reason he is hated! Granted, the GoAnimate and Caillou the Grownup stuff is a little excessive, but it does not school how much… just TRASH this series as a whole! And in today’s review… I’m reviewing it. This episode is not just my least favorite Caillou episode, or PBS Kids episode… this might just be a contender for worst cartoon episode I have ever seen! This is a case where I won’t be doing too many pony heads. Because 1. It’s 5 minutes long. And 2. I feel like if I tried that a lot of times, I might as well have done my review with just the scepter. So here it is!

Episode Description

Marsha: This’ll be short but only because of the length. So the grandma tells the two kids a story about a 2 1/2 year old Caillou. Who is waiting for his baby sister. After Doris and Boris arrive with the new baby, Rosie, the parents and their grandmother is admiring how cute she is. But instead of admiring Rosie, Caillou immediately gets jealous of her out of nowhere. He throws his toy down, and comes up to Boris. As Boris is getting some things to change Rosie, Caillou… takes her and pinches her… yeah… Caillou reveals that he did it because Rosie can’t play with him. Caillou then helps his dad change Rosie, and we have the episode end with Caillou having a change of heart in this… and cuddles her. Yeah, that character changed came out of nowhere. Gonna be honest, I did struggle a bit with saying the description at times. But yeah, without further ado… let’s get into the review of this horrible Caillou episode.


Marsha: To my knowledge, I believe this episode was banned from PBS Kids? (Spoiled Rich voice as hoops shine)HA! Good riddance! That is what you get! (huge sharp teeth)But seriously,the ban was definitely warranted. There were SO many problems in this 5 minute story, that… honestly I’m just better off saying it for myself! It would actually be easier if I just list them all up, as I get through the episode beat by beat. So… here you go!

  1. Marsha: Caillou was NEVER HAPPY to see his sister, you know… DESPITE HIM LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING HER WHEN DORIS WAS STILL PREGNANT! Like seriously, Caillou was looking forward to meeting Rosie! And as soon as the parents do arrive with Rosie with them and Grandma admiring her, HE GET JEALOUS OF THE ATTENTION OUT OF NO WHERE! Like… he was looking forward to meeting his sister, right? So why not just have a look into her and actually admire how cute she is!
  2. Marsha: Caillou’s jealousy comes RIGHT out of no where! All his parents and grandmother did was compliment her on his special and adorable she is… and Caillou immediately gets all bratty, throwing his toy, and thinking his sister doesn’t love him! See what I mean by an absolutely forced conflict?
  3. Marsha: The bit with Caillou pinching his sister… yeah, that was flat out uncomfortable to watch! I think this was the scene that got the episode banned? Should’ve been a bit more specific honestly, but hey. I think any of those excuses would’ve worked! And speaking of which… Caillou officially crossed the line of bratty, and flat out sociopathic by just doing that and showing no remorse at all! Harsh? Well, it is true! What is good about seeing this newborn scream in pain?! Yeah, exactly! Nothing at all!
  4. Marsha: I wish I was exaggerating… but Caillou’s dad does not punish him at all! This is a problem I am norickng with Caillou in general. But the parents are just… numbskulls! They do not know how to discipline their kid, and allow this kind of bratty behavior! Like the show treats kids to get into tantrums, and they will get their way. KIDS ARE NOT THAT STUPID, LIKE COME ON! I am a mother of four kids, and even my baby son is aware of how bad of a character Caillou is! With Caillou pinching his sister, Rosie… you think he would get punished for what he did! Like, a good time out for… Idunno, say 5-10 minutes. But no! Nothing happens, and Caillou does not learn his lesson!
  5. Marsha: When Caillou reveals WHY he hates Rosie, he just says that Rosie can’t play! Like… Come on! You were clearly jealous of Rosie getting all the attention! The least you could’ve done was make this story consistent. This episode was just not consistent at all! And this leads me to my final point on the episode itself.
  6. Marsha: How this episode ended pretty much relates to my 4th point. But his dad does not punish him. He changes her diaper with the help of Caillou, and the episode suddenly ends with Caillou accepting his sister! There… there was absolutely no character progression to this at all! He likes his sister… and even if the conflict was done in a non forced way, it feels like it would make this episode pointless anyways! I have some other points for this episode, but these are the problems I have with the episode itself. Just one more thing...

Marsha: (Spoiled Rich voice as hoops shine)THERE WERE JUST ABSOLUTELY NO REDEEMING QUALITIES TO THIS KID, AND EVERYONE HERE STUNK! And Boris and Doris, actually punish your kid from time to time so he won’t be such a brat! God, this episode was just… let’s move onto some more points. (huge sharp teeth) As if pinching his sister was not enough. Apparently in the original book… he bit him, and was worried about getting in trouble. (Spoiled Rich voice as hoops shine)You get what is meant by him being sociopathic in point 3? Again,he SHOWED NO REMORSE! (huge sharp teeth)Man, you know… I never thought there would be so many problems with this episode! But with the problems all spanning in like 4+0-5 minutes… it really tells you how messed up this episode was! I could not find any redeeming qualities to this episode at all! You know what this episode need to be? A 22 minute special. I could’ve placed it as a point, but honestly… I feel like it needed it’s own paragraph. For an episode showing how Caillou got to know his baby sisterm it clearly did not feel special! I think it needed to be a 22 minute special. Why not have a build up to Caillou’s jealousy of Rosie? Granted… not to the point of pinching her… dear god no… but I mean make this meaningful! It’s about how Caillou got to be a big brother! I remember there was an Arthur special about Binky having an adoptive baby sister. So what about doing something like that? That would’ve made this episode WAY better! In every way! As it is… yeah, this is it. My least favorite cartoon episode as a whole. At least with some of the worst Family Guy episodes, like my personal least favorites Better Off Meg and the season 17 two parter premiere… at least those are from adult shows. So that adults can just avoid it at all times. But here… we are talking about this watered down Family Guy like cruelty in an episode that is meant to be for preschoolers! PRESCHOOLERS! (Spoiled Rich voice as hoops shine)You know, the channel having a Kids side for little kids either getting ready, or are early into their Elementary School years? (huge sharp teeth)I think… this might be it. A -3 a the lowest I usually give an episode, but after this point… it deserves a -4.




Marsha: And that is it for today’s review! No disrespect to the writers. They are very talented, and can make plenty of great cartoons for very young children. But a word of advice... when making cartoons for children, you have to be careful here. And make sure that you pr main protagonist is a likable character who actually learns lessons! That is the point of these shows. These main characters learn something, and they the lessons should be present to kids too. Temper tantrums are not okay, and should not be rewarded! You gotta know the difference here. Otherwise... those kids will grow up very spoiled!, and think they can’t face any consequences for their actions! This... this is not something you wanna set for your kids at all! So yeah, please be careful! And thank you for sticking with me as I review this... rather controversal episode. Until next time, this is Marsha signing out! Adios!

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